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Friday, February 19, 2010

More from Little River Canyon

When I showed all of the canyon pictures in yesterday's blog (click HERE), I didn't tell you that we were taking pictures from 600 feet UP ---from one of the many overlooks along the canyon road. Canyon Rim Drive follows the west rim of Little River Canyon for 11 scenic miles and eight overlooks. We took in all 8 of the overlooks ---and that's where we used our new zoom lenses to get some great winter canyon pictures. Today, I'll share a few more pictures from the canyon, including some canyon birds. Hope you enjoy them! Above is another group of icicles on the rocks. Below are more pictures taken on Sunday, February 14!

This is a picture of one of the overlooks ---which I took from the overlook pictured below.

Here's the other overlook ---taken from the overlook pictured in the previous picture.

I saw pictures of these white birds from a distance.

I have read that the white birds may be White Pigeons. They seemed to live in the rocks along the cliffs.

There were LOTS and LOTS of these Black Vultures----and they kept circling around --but I had a hard time getting better and closer pictures of them.

I worked on these last two pictures by cropping them and enlarging them---but they still didn't come out too well. These birds are quite large and there were many of them in the canyon.

Here's the best one I could get ---but the picture still doesn't show very much --other than a silhouette. I was hoping to see an Eagle (since they are in that area)--but I didn't see one this time. Maybe we'll go back soon!!!

Tomorrow I'll show you the waterfalls in Little River Canyon.

Hope you had a good Thursday. We had SUNSHINE --for the first time since January 31. Yeah-Rah!!!!