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Monday, April 3, 2017

WATERFALLS and HIKING in North Carolina-- 3/21/17

This is me sitting on a rock resting my weary bones at Upper Secret Falls after hiking to see this beauty!
George and I took a short trip to the Cashiers, North Carolina area to do some hiking and searching for waterfalls on March 21-23, 2017.   We love the Cashiers area --especially the little INN where we stay (Laurelwood Inn)..  This is our third time to stay at Laurelwood--and we loved it.  If you'd like to see a blog post showing pictures from Laurelwood Inn (2014),  click HERE.

This year we first drove through the Cullasaja Gorge area (which we have seen many times --but love it since there are four waterfalls to see along that gorge area).  This gorge is located between Franklin and Highlands.

After checking out all of the waterfalls in that area  we drove way way way back in the mountains south of Highlands searching for a new waterfall for us,  Secret Falls.    We took a nice hike back in the woods through a garden of Rhododendrons before finding Secret Falls.  Not too many people know about this waterfall --so we had the trail almost all to ourselves...  Had a gorgeous day for a hike in the woods,  and I did pretty good (after being so sick for a month)...

After that hike,  we headed to Laurelwood Inn,  checked in --and then went to a local Pizza place  (Slab Town Pizza) for dinner...  Great pizza and we recommend this place if you ever go to Cashiers.

Today I'll share pictures of our DAY in North Carolina... Hope you enjoy them.  You can click on them for enlargements...

Cullasaja Falls 

Quarry Falls (along the Cullasaja Gorge, NC)

Dry Falls (from an angle);   We've seen much more water coming over this waterfall and we've seen less.   BUT--we've never seen it DRY.... Until this trip,  we have been able to walk behind this waterfall.  BUT--they took away that option stating that there have been some falling rocks... We were disappointed --but glad not to get hit in the head by a falling rock!!!!

Bridal Veil Falls (along the Cullasaja Gorge);   We used to be able to actually drive behind the falls but they won't allow it anymore.  However,  you can walk behind the falls .  

Since we had never hiked to Secret Falls before,  we were glad to find the TRAIL in good shape.  As you can see,  there were a lot of leaves popping out on the big trees.  (We were almost into South Carolina in this area.) 

I loved the trail to Secret Falls...  There were lots and lots of beautiful Rhododendrons in that area...

Upper Secret Falls  (south of Highlands,  NC)

We took some pictures together with the tripod when we were at Upper Secret Falls.  I LOVED that area---and if you ever get there,  take a picnic lunch.  This is a perfect setting for a picnic --and maybe a NAP... ha

Secret Falls  (Photo by George);  I sat on the rocks at Upper Secret Falls while George hiked down a steep trail to get some pictures of the 'main' waterfall here.   Isn't this one a beauty?  Thanks,  Honey.

HA HA HA----What my man does when I shake my finger at him.... This was taken at Cullasaja Falls...
Thought you'd get a kick out of this last picture....  My sons all know about Mom's pointing finger!!!!!  AND--remember,  she's a LEFTY.    She's a 'mean one'.....ha ha .....

Hope you enjoyed reading about and seeing our FIRST day in North Carolina on 3/21/17....  We have two more days to share with you sometime...

Have a wonderful week.