Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to APRIL!!!! Spring is AWESOME. Enjoy some beautiful TULIPS from Biltmore!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More Spring Beauty

Since George and I 'walk the yard' every morning --checking out all of the new blooms,  you can only imagine how many pictures we both have taken.  Even though it is still March,  these past two weeks have been some of the best I can ever remember when it comes to gorgeous weather --and LOTS of Spring blooms.

If you missed last week's blog post showing some spring flowers in our yard,  click HERE to see those pictures... Today,  I will share more with you.  The picture above is a combination of some Daffodils, red Tulips,   Dad Adams' Daffodils,  a little of our pink Phlox (in the background) and some of our white Candy Tuft.  Below are more.  Please click on the pictures for enlargements.

I love this batch of white Tulips, named Purissima.  They are located in the 'road' flowerbed out front.  Aren't they pretty?

We have two Red Bud trees in our yard... Both are gorgeous right now --especially the one near the road.  I was standing below this tree --looking up at that beautiful blue sky. The sun was in a perfect place to bring out the colors.

This picture shows the gorgeous yellow Forsythia in the side yard toward the back.  Like I said,  everything is blooming and is just breath-taking!!!!

Here's another picture of the Red Bud tree... I was standing in the road looking back toward the house.  Isn't this just awesome?  The bees LOVE the Red Bud blooms.

 Do you like red tulips???  These red tulips (on the other end of the 'road' flowerbed from the white Tulips)  are appropriately named  Red Dynasty.

Finally,  I stood in the street and took a picture looking back toward the house.  Besides the Red Dynasty tulips, you can also see two of the three round flowerbeds,  the container roses,  and the two 'rose' flowerbeds --which now are ablaze with Spring flowers. (The roses won't bloom until May probably--although everything is blooming early this year... SO???? Who knows!!!) 

I hope you aren't getting too bored with my Spring flower pictures... I guess,  when you work in your yard for several years like we have done,  and begin seeing so many rewards of your labors,  it just becomes extremely exciting!!!  AND--you want to share this joy--which we enjoy doing.  Hope you like them!!!