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Thursday, July 8, 2010

More Sempervivum (Hens and Chicks)

As I have said several times, George and I have Sempervivum (Semps) in our yard. We love them since they add so much to the flowerbeds ---and there are so many different kinds and different colors.

IF you are fairly new to my blog and do not know about Semps, you may want to see some of my other posts talking about them.. You can go to the sidebar and scroll down to LABELS... Then click on SEMPS. The 'hen' makes lots of 'chicks'; then the hen BLOOMS and then dies --with the chicks taking over and becoming the hens and starting the process over again.

Today, I will share some new pictures we have of some of our Semps (Hens and Chicks). Hope you enjoy them...

These two hens are blooming... They will die and the chicks will take over!

Here's a macro of the blooms in the Semp above.

All of the pretty colors add so much to our yard!

Another blooming Semp

A close-up of one of the Sempervivum blooms

Finally, here's one more close-up of some of the blooms from our Semps.

Hope you enjoyed seeing our Sempervivum. I love them year-round ---but the blooms are especially pretty to see.

I don't know about your weather, but we are having some horribly hot and dry days here in Tennessee... (Seems like I am always complaining about our weather --especially this summer... Oh Well... Even though I cannot do a darn thing about it, I do feel better when I can WHINE a little!!!! ha ha)

Have a great Thursday.