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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fall Creek Falls State Park

Today I'm going to introduce you to George's and my favorite place--well, at least one of our favorite places. Fall Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee is about an hour's drive south of us. When George and I met in 2000 and started dating in March of 2001, he took me to Fall Creek Falls on a gorgeous Saturday in April. Even though we had only started dating the end of March, we both knew by this day in April that we were falling madly in love with each other. SO---it was at Fall Creek Falls where we shared our first kiss and where we told one another that we loved each other. That is why this place is so very special. We go back often since it is so close---and we definitely go back every year on that 3rd Saturday in April to re-live our special day.

Fall Creek Falls is a beautiful park with six waterfalls, lots of hiking and biking trails, cabins, campground, picnic area, swimming, boating, and a lodge with a great restaurant. I highly recommend it to you!!!!

Now you know how our interest in waterfalls began. We started out that day with SIX waterfalls on our list. We are at 292 different waterfalls seen since 2001!!!! Hope we get to see many, many more!!!!

Today I will show you the gorgeous waterfalls at Fall Creek Falls, beginning with a picture of the couple taken at the cascades on that magical day on April 21, 2001. (We got married on June 23, 2001.)

The picture above is the Cane Creek Cascades and we took this picture on another visit in 2006--when there was ALOT of water coming over the falls.

This is Cane Creek Falls (downstream from the cascades). We hiked up the mountain to an overlook to get this picture.

This little waterfall is called Rockhouse Falls and we took this picture from the overlook also. This waterfall is to the left of Cane Creek Falls.

This picture was taken on a rainy, foggy day when we were there, but there was more water than we'd ever seen coming over the falls. The waterfall on the left is Fall Creek Falls and to its right is Coon Creek Falls.

This last waterfall is called Piney Creek Falls--and it's the hardest one to see. There is an overlook--but most of the year, there are lots of trees and shrubs obstructing the view. However, it is a gorgeous waterfall. Hope you enjoyed seeing our first six waterfalls in 2001.