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Sunday, December 20, 2009

More Christmas "Stuff"

I don't know about you ---but I seem to use the word STUFF to describe all kinds of things... Is that just a southern thing????? ha ha ..... Yesterday, I showed you my Christmas babies along with some of the questions that I took from Arkansas Patti's blog. If you missed yesterday's blog, be sure and check it out to find a link to Patti's wonderful blog.

Besides the other six questions which I will answer today, I will show you a few more Christmas 'pretties' in our home... Above is another picture of the little tree on our dining room table. I featured it on a previous blog, but some of you asked about the quilted table runner. SO---above, you will see a close-up picture of this beautiful Christmas tablecloth. It was made by my Colorado quilting friend --and was originally made for a small round table. I love it so much --so I use it in the center of our long table and then use Christmas placemats on both ends of the table.. It seems to work well. Below are more pictures.

This little sled (plus two other similar sleighs) were made by the father of a great friend, Debbie.. Her Dad made LOTS of these beauties for Debbie to give as Christmas presents. I was privileged to have received three different ones (over a three year period)---all of which I still put near our tree every year. Debbie lives in Texas and I don't see her as much as I'd like these days. AND her sweet Daddy passed away this past year. BUT--I will keep his memory alive every year for as long as I can---and Debbie will always be a very very special friend. Say a prayer for Debbie this Christmas --since this is her first Christmas without her Daddy.

Questions and Answers:
What words do you love? ... When Hubby says, "I Love You" to me!!! OR---when Hubby says, "Honey, it's SNOWING!"

What activity or behavior should be considered a crime?... Bloggers who put music on their blogs that I cannot find (since it is at the BOTTOM)... Ha Ha.... I prefer to listen to my own music. I wish that Blogger would allow people --who want to feature music -- to have it as an option for people to click IF they 'want' to listen to it!!!! Oh Well!!!

When is it OK to shed tears?.... For me, as an emotional female, almost ANYTIME!!! ha

This is a Colorado Snowball. It was given as a gift from a friend when she and her family lived in Colorado. They are now in Eastern Virginia---so I'll bet they don't see nearly as much snow as they did when they lived in Colorado.

This is my little Candy Cane Tree--which is now on my coffee table. When the string of lights on that little tree 'bit the dust' recently, I didn't want to dispose of the tree. SO---it is now a Candy Cane tree. (We purchased a new tiny lit tree for the dresser in our bedroom. )

More Q&A's:
Are you a dog person or a cat person? .... Neither now; Grew up with a cat; Had a dog when my sons were teens; Now---NONE --since we travel so much; I would choose a dog over a cat though if I had to choose.

When did you realize you were an adult? ... I guess it was July of 1963 when I had my first baby. I got married, had a baby and graduated from college when I was only 21. I'm surprised that that baby made it through his first year since I didn't know a darn thing about babies. Yipes!!!! (Thank God for Dr. Spock back then!!! ha)

What do you wish for your blog buddies? ... A Very Very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Happy and Healthy 2010++++++++++++++++++++

This little Santa was made at a church craft show many years ago. He is made by using a small flower pot.... SO---to all of your creative people out there------- get busy and make one!!! Isn't he cute???? Love his glasses!!!

When George and I were first married, we talked about 'wanting' a cabin in the mountains. SO---on that first Christmas, I gave him a small ornament of 'our' little cabin... Can you see George and me standing in front of that snow-covered cabin????? WELL---we didn't get our cabin, but we did buy this gorgeous little home here on the Cumberland Plateau, which we both love.

Hope you have enjoyed these past two posts listing more of our Christmas STUFF --and also answering more questions for you...

Have a wonderful Sunday, and remember to celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus this coming week.