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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Early Fall in Fairfield Glade, Tennessee

A Little Color is showing up around our home on 10/4/14
As you know (since I have told you many times --ha),  George and I love to 'walk the yard' early each morning.  Most of the Summer,  we were taking pictures of our flowers.  Then---as the colors began to change in early Fall,  we took pictures of these changes.  SO---my post today will show you our yard including colors and other decorations in early Fall (from the end of September until about October 4).   As the colors continue to change throughout October and November,  I'm sure I will share many more Autumn Colors with you.

BUT--today,  I hope you will enjoy some pictures from Early Fall here at home...  Be sure to click on the pictures for enlargements.

Meet Toby---our new Autumn door decoration!!!! (The last Toby finally fell apart died last year --so we replaced him with this one.  Cute, huh?)

Some of the red colors around here turned early this year.

Vinca is one of the annuals we plant in Summer to replace our Winter Pansies.  Vinca does well here in sunshine and warm temperatures.

Autumn Joy Sedum;   Dad Adams gave us a bunch of these plants --and they look nice in Fall --since their colors change to a Fall-colored burgundy --and then to a brown as Fall begins to end.

Autumn Joy Sedum ---close up and personal!

Colors changing in one of the empty lots next to us

More of our pretty VINCA

The front porch in Autumn

A new Winter Pansy in our yard;  We will plant more Pansies once the Vinca dies out.

Combo for you:  Vinca,  Pansy,  and Hosta

Our Pink Dogwood is always one of the first trees to change colors in Autumn.

Another one of our new Winter Pansies (Pretty colors,  don't you think?)

Can you believe this one????  This is an AZALEA blossom in OCTOBER.  We have several Azalea Bushes in our yard --and I have never had one to bloom in the Fall.  Azaleas ALWAYS bloom in Spring!!!!  AND--this little blossom is the ONLY one... Crazy Flower!

Vinca and a Winter Pansy  (Wonder if the Pansies will make it through another hard winter --which is what they say we will have again this year???  Last year,  we lost about half of our Winter Pansies during our frigid winter..)

Finally this is our Fireplace and some Autumn decorations inside.  Oh how I love Fall!!!
Hope you enjoyed seeing our Yard/Home in Early Fall,  2014.  We still have some Roses in bloom and there are some Irises (re-bloomers) getting ready to bloom.  BUT--soon the Hosta,  Autumn Joy Sedum,  Azalea (YES--that one!),  and the Vinca will all be gone --and the only thing left to bloom during the winter are our Winter Pansies!!!