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Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmases Remembered

From our home (pictured above) to yours,  I want to wish each of you a very Merry Christmas.  George and I are taking next week off from blogging so that we can celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with family and friends, and with each other. 

I went through some of my recent photos looking for some to share with you today.  It was hard only choosing a few 'favorites' since I have so many wonderful memories.   Hope you enjoy seeing what I've chosen...  Be sure and enlarge these photos (10x16) by clicking on them.

 George and I started our own traditions when we got married in 2001.  One of these traditions is giving each other special ornaments each year.  One of the cutest ones I found one year for George was a little fishy.....  I love going up to George while puckering and saying "Kissie Kissie" ----so this little fishy became a puckering ME.... ha ha

My most recent collections (and I have had a lot of collections through the years) are my WILLOW ANGELS.   I have nine now ---but the picture above was taken when I only had seven...  Oh how I love these angels!!!

As you know,  I love my Backyard Birds.   Thanks to George and friends,  I have NINE birds on my Christmas tree now... The one pictured here was my FIRST bird,  a little glass hummingbird... It is very special to me---as they all are!

This little angel has been with me since I was a little girl... My parents got it for me one Christmas ......  They chose her and called her Angel Betsy... Isn't she pretty?????  Like me,  she loved to sing!!!!! ........................WELL---look at the next picture!!!

Can you believe what Angel Betsy has in her back pocket????   She has a  slingshot!!!!!  I guess my parents thought that was the REAL ME.... ha ha... Maybe I wasn't such an angel afterall....   (But--don't tell George!!!!! ha ha)

This beautiful Nativity Set has been in George's family for many years.  It is so important to both of us ---as it tells the real meaning of Christmas.

I went back in my archives and found a picture of my childhood home all decorated for Christmas.   My Dad thrilled his little girl when he would shine a spotlight on a picture of SANTA --which he hung on the side of our home along with some greenery.  The picture was taken in about 1947 ---and I think my parent's home was the FIRST one in our town to hang outside decorations.  That is my sweet Daddy and his little girl with my dolly, Lulu... (The old car --a Pontiac--belonged to my brother, Raymond.)

The picture above was taken on December 12 this year while we were searching for some waterfalls in the Smoky Mountains!!!!  Both of us want to wish ALL of you a very blessed Christmas..  I will blog again on January 2nd ---so come back and check out my post.  It will be on "Nursery Rhymes" --so you may want to polish up on what you remember about nursery rhymes!!!!!!

Hugs and LOADS of LOVE,