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Thursday, February 11, 2010

February Backyard Birds

I thought it was time (HA) for some more bird photos. As every birder will tell you, when the weather is bad, the birds FLOCK to the feeders. Here are some pictures taken this week. The picture above is always a favorite, one of our beautiful Bluebirds. Isn't this a beautiful male?? How does he stay so pretty in this horribly cold and snowy weather???? Below are a few more.

Not to be outshined, here is the "Missus" in the family... Mrs. Bluebird is also pretty, don't you think????

Isn't this a great picture of one of our little Carolina Wrens??? We don't have many --but they are at the feeders off and on all day--especially when the weather is 'rotten'.. (Even though you can still see the screen, this is one of our better pictures through the computer room window. George captured this one for me.)

I love Goldfinches ---and couldn't resist sharing this precious picture with you. We have more Goldfinches than anything else this winter--and sometimes, there are as many as 35-50 finches on and around the feeders at the same time. (There are still not as many as the 100+ Pine Siskins we had last year.)

We don't have too many House Finches --but the ones we have are very pretty.

This is the first picture I have ever gotten of this cute little BROWN bird... This is a Song Sparrow ---and these little guys can REALLY sing!!!!

I love these little White-breasted Nuthatches. We have many of them---but they are hard to photograph since they dart in, grab, and then dart out!!!!!!

I saved this one 'til last --because this little House Finch was giving me 'the LOOK'.... Is this a 'bird with attitude'--or what?????? ha

Hope everyone is safe ---and I hope that this horrible weather across the country will finally move OUT for good!!!!