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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November Backyard Birds

Woooo---it's been a long time since I posted a Bird Blog... What has happened to me????  Poor birdies... I've been feeding them and watching them --but just haven't taken time to get their photos...  SO--this week,  I decided to take a few and share them with you.  Above is one of my regulars,  a female Cardinal.   These birds are the first to the feeders in the morning and the last to be there right before dark.

Above is one of our many, many Goldfinches these days.   I think we have more Goldfinches this year than we have ever had...  I just hope those Pine Siskins (which we had about 100-200 two years ago) don't come back this year.  There were so many of them that they would run off all of the other birds.  Last year,  we had none and so far this year, none.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they won't come!

It was raining when this male House Finch visited us...  Don't you just love that expression on his face?   I think he's telling me to make the rain stop!!!!!  Poor thing!!

I absolutely love Carolina Wrens.. They are just the cutest little birds... I think they'd come in our home and find a nest if we let them... They love to get in our garage!!!!!   These little guys can really sing though...

Here's another picture of a gorgeous male House Finch.  It is amazing how much larger the House Finches are than the Goldfinches.

This little darling is one of our White-breasted Nuthatches.  I love to watch them going back and forth to the feeders finding each and every peanut I put out.... They are so cute.

Finally,  here's one of the sweetest birds around,  our Carolina Chickadee...  These little guys are always around  (along with the Tufted Titmice and the Nuthatches pictured above) ---all year long.   Such Sweethearts!!!!

I tried to get a picture of one of our sweet little Bluebirds,  but by the time I got ready,  he flew away...  The only woodpeckers I have seen at the feeders lately are the Red-bellied,  the Downys,  and on occasion--a Pileated.   I haven't seen many Mourning Doves lately --and our Bluejays are gone somewhere else for the winter.   I did see a big hawk in the distance on Sunday ---so maybe some of the birds are staying away if there are hawks nearby...

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my Backyard Birds this week.