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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More from Grassy Cove, TN

Last week, I posted a set of pictures from our ride to Grassy Cove, TN. IF you missed the first set, CLICK here. Today, I'm posting more pictures from that wonderful area--which is south of Crossville. The picture above shows the little steeple of the Grassy Cove United Methodist Church. One thing I noticed about this little church is that the building is small---but they have added the cemetery on three sides of the building now. We didn't see another church in Grassy Cove ---so I assume that most everyone in the valley belongs to that little church, and that their friends and relatives who have died are probably buried there. More pictures are below.

I enjoyed reading this sign, and knowing that this little church was established in 1803, and that the land was given by one of the original settlers in Grassy Cove, who had been a Revolutionary War soldier.

Here's one more picture of the little church --with one of the three cemeteries in the side yard. I mentioned this last week, but it looks as if the church is having some roof work done.

I'll bet if you have ever driven in the south, you have seen these barns ---dotted all around Tennessee and other states... There is a tourist attraction in Chattanooga, TN called "Rock City".... Years ago---they did their advertising by putting signs on most every barn in the south!!!! Great advertising, don't you think???? WELL--there aren't many of these barns left---but I found one in Grassy Cove... Neat, huh????

"Okay, Bessie, I told you to get your family out of my front yard... And ole Marybelle is almost on my front porch. Sssshhheeessshhh." (This sight just made me laugh outloud... Obviously, that little house is empty now ---but at one time, it was someone's beautiful home. (My parents used to talk about the cows wandering all throughout my hometown of Big Stone Gap, VA --before the town made an ordinance to keep them out of people's yards!!!! That was before I was even a gleam in my Daddy's eyes!)

Here's one last picture of that beautiful little valley, Grassy Cove, TN... OH--wouldn't I love to live there !!!!!

Hope you enjoyed my pictures from that little ride on July 18. This past Sunday, we headed NORTH of Crossville ---so I'll share some pictures from this little ride soon.

Have a fabulous Tuesday.