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Friday, February 25, 2011

Let's Talk Fridays: How do You Declutter Your Mind?

Our discussion topic this week is how do we declutter our minds???  I found a good article about this on Zenhabits.  In the article, they list 15 different ways to declutter our minds.  Check out the entire article HERE.

I decided to do this one so that ALL of you could help me with this... My mind goes about a million miles a minute ---and sometimes,  I just need to slow down and get back in control..  One thing which I have always prided myself in is the ability to multi-task...  I have always been able to do several things at one time --and manage them all.  However,  as I've gotten OLDER (yipes),  that is becoming a little harder for me!   SO---when I read in the article saying that one way of decluttering the mind is to "Single-Task" ----that really hit home!!!!!   Doing one thing at a time????  Goodness... That is so hard for me!!!!

Another way the article says to declutter the mind is to declutter our surroundings.  I am not a pack-rat ---but our computer room does get messy!!!  In January,  I spent several days cleaning out junk and throwing away or refiling things (so that I can find them)...  That felt good ---but was it enough??????

Another thing which I need to do (according to the article) is to watch LESS TV.  Our TV is on almost all day/all evening---whether we are watching it or not... Recently,  I have been so upset at what is going on in the world and in our country... These are things which I can do nothing about ---so I NEED to turn off the TV and do more praying for the world and our country instead.

Some of the other things mentioned in this article are:  taking a walk and getting out in nature;   keeping a journal;  exercising;  healthy eating;  rethinking our sleeping habits;  prioritize our list of things to do--and just do the essential ones;  quit worrying about things;  talk to someone about what is on our mind;  and most of all---SLOW DOWN.  Definitely stop and smell the roses!!!

My questions to you are:
1. What do you do to declutter your mind?
2.  What do you NEED to do that you aren't doing now???

Have fun with this one... I certainly did!!!!  Have a great weekend and I will see you on Monday. (By the way,  no storms for us last night... Just wind and rain!!!)


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