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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Special Valentine's Day Dinner

The lobby area at Amicalola Falls State Park Lodge Restaurant
I thought I'd better get my act together and get this post published before Valentine's Day gets here again next year!!!!!! ha ha ..... Anyhow--I've talked some about our great Waterfall and Hiking Trip which we took from Feb. 13-15.   BUT--what I haven't talked about was the delicious meal that George and I enjoyed on Valentine's Evening...

My Sweetheart took me to the Amicalola Falls Lodge Restaurant (near Dawsonville, GA) for a VERY special meal. They offered a fabulousl buffet with many kinds of salads, breads, soups,  entrees and desserts.  All of it was DELICIOUS and the  place was decorated so pretty.   They even provided live music for us.  We got there early so it wasn't crowded yet... Of course,  that's how we like it!

Here are a few of the pictures I took of that pretty restaurant.  Be sure and click on the photos to see them larger. 

Here is a view from our table ---which showed off all of the FOG outside!!!! ha ha... Usually there is a great view of the surrounding mountains since this lodge sits on the top of the mountain above the waterfall.

That is our table (in the middle).  Now you can get a great view of the FOG....   You can see a little bit of one of the mountain ranges to the right..   This is a gorgeous lodge --so if you ever get in this area,  check it out!!!!

This shows more of the restaurant and decorations.  As I said,  we got there early for dinner ---so there weren't many folks there yet.   I'm sure it would have been full a little later in the evening.

Here were our two musicians.  They were very good ---and George and I loved hearing all of that "LOVE" music!!!!!!!

This was just one more of the pretty decorations ---found all over the buffet area and restaurant.   Some of the entrees we had to choose from were:  BBQ Ribs,  Prime Rib (a favorite of ours),  Shrimp,  and Cabbage Rolls....

After dinner,   we enjoyed sitting in the lodge area at the fireplace...  The photo in the picture is of Amicalola Falls,  one of our favorite waterfalls.

WELL-- besides eating and sitting by the fire,  we also enjoyed our hiking during the day on that Valentine's Day..  Many of you may recognize this beautiful waterfall,  Anna Ruby Falls.  It's one of Georgia's most popular waterfalls.  We had seen it before ---but loved seeing it again this year.   Hope you had as happy a Valentine's Day as we had!!!!!

Have a great day.