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Monday, November 5, 2018

Autumn FINALLY came to Tennessee and it was a BEAUTY!

Love the Red Tree in front of the steeple of the Lutheran Church near our home --taken 10/30/18
WELL WELL WELL......   It was over 2 weeks late this year  (due to all of the September rains and  October warm temperatures)---but we finally have some FALL Color in our yard and area...  The good news is that all of the trees changed at the same time (which is rare for us),  which made everything gorgeous.  The bad news is:  the leaves are already falling BIGTIME --so this beauty won't last very long this year...  I am glad that I got outside early this morning and got some pictures to share with you... Hope you enjoy Autumn in Tennessee!!!

For comparison--I took this picture on 10/30/18... NOW--look BELOW at the same scene 3 days later!!!!!

A few days ago---the leaves were mostly all GREEN.... Look at this scene 3 days later  (11/3/18)!!!!!  WOW...

Our BackYard--11/3/18

I took this picture near our home of this gorgeous red tree on 10/30/18...  Today--many of the leaves on this tree are on the ground!!!!

Another picture in our BackYard ---looking UP!!  (11/3/18)

Our Pink Dogwood (left) and our Maple (middle)---11/3/18

View from our street ---looking up the road  (11/3/18)

The front of our home --looking up the sidewalk near the garage;  11/3/18

The Side Yard--11/3/18;  I love the reds and oranges!!!

The pretty MAPLE Tree (on left)---11/3/18

Autumn in our Yard, 2018
I'll close with this picture...  Like I said,  I don't remember a prettier Fall than this one---even though it is a short one this year...  Yesterday,  when we were out running errands,   I was impressed with all of the colors --even though it was cloudy yesterday.  BUT---it's even prettier today since the SUN came out!!!!!    Hope you enjoyed our FALL in TENNESSEE 2018!!!