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Monday, August 22, 2011

Glitz and Glamour Town

Even though we spent almost 3 weeks traveling out west,  we only had ONE evening to visit Las Vegas.  Neither of us had been there ---so we really didn't know what to do.  My son and family lived there for awhile, and we should have visited then.. But--we didn't!!  BUT--he talked about the good buffet restaurants in most of the casinos/hotels.

SO--we just got a map and picked a pretty one,  Excalabur...  Parked the car --and headed into the casino...  Gosh---I've never heard so much NOISE in my life... ha ha ... People were gambling away their life savings ---so we just walked around and stared at everything.  Went up to the 2nd floor to their restaurant... It was huge --and the food was great.  It wasn't expensive either --so we certainly enjoyed our dinner that night despite all of the noise and crowds around.

I knew that I wanted to see Vegas after dark,  so we walked around and saw several other casinos.  In Vegas,  there are 'people movers' which go between one hotel/casino to the next... We walked and walked --and finally realized that we were lost....

We made our way somehow outside ---and then we couldn't find the main drag (strip) AND we had no idea where our car was...  We were two tourists for sure!!!!! ha ha ... Anyhow--we finally found our car and finally made it back to the main street (what they call the strip).

I wanted to get some photos along the strip --but guess what????  Traffic was horrible.  We ended up in the middle lane and nobody was moving.  There was no good way to get photos... SO---we drove a few blocks and finally made our way to the right lane so that we could turn.  We got OUTTA there --and headed back to Henderson where our motel was.

Did I have fun in Vegas?   Yes---it was nice,  but I'm a nature-lover and am not crazy about traffic nor crowds...  I won't say that I didn't enjoy it because I've always wanted to see Vegas.  So--even though I didn't get to see much,  it was a good memory for me.  Would I go back????  Probably not ---unless it is AFTER I finish going through my LONG list of places I want to visit in our country... ha

Here are a few pictures we managed to take that evening.  The one at the top is the Excalabur,  where we ate.  Pretty, huh????   Below are a few more.  (Click to enlarge them!)

Well---it's not much ---but if you haven't been to Vegas,  this is a taste of some of the glitz.... I've heard that the shows are wonderful ---and there are TONS of other places which we didn't see.   SO---if you get there,  hopefully you will get better pictures than we did...