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Monday, September 21, 2020

Memories from 2006


Dear Friends,  2020 has certainly done a 'number' on all of us --with all of the changes in our lives.  One thing which George and I miss terribly are all of our trips...  SO---this year,  we have had time to re-live some of the wonderful little trips all through the years... I don't know what we'd do without these photos to jog our memories.

George and I got married in 2001 ---and immediately began locating as many waterfalls  as we could find, most of them not too far from home!   George was still working (retired in 2006) --so most of our 'get-aways' before 2006 were short trips and day trips.

We have lost count --but I think that we've seen about 1000 DIFFERENT waterfalls --most of them between 2001-2015 (or so)...  We still love waterfalls --but many of our recent trips involve more than just waterfalls.

I started Blogging in 2006  (on a site --which died out) ---so I didn't start BLOGGER (Blogspot) until 2009.   In looking for old posts on Blogger,  my first posts were in 2009...   SO --- none of our pictures before 2009 have ever been on Blogger... Therefore,   while looking back at our photos,  I picked out photos taken on June 4, 2006 to put into a Blog Post to share with you today...  One thing I will say when looking at old photos:  cameras these days certainly do a better job than cameras did in 2006!!!! Of course,  the photographers are probably better now also!!!!!  (At least, I'll speak for myself!!! ha)

Today's Post was taken at YAHOO FALLS in Whitley City,  Kentucky in the Big South Fork National Recreation Area.  We have been to Yahoo Falls (since it is fairly close to our home) several times.  This waterfall is known as Kentucky's TALLEST waterfall --at 113 feet...  However,  it seldom has a lot of water coming over the falls --especially in Summer.  

BUT---the beauty of being here is the area itself.  The awesome trail is not too long --and it's just fun to take a short hike back into the woods in that area.... You can go down to the Falls on the rocky, gorge-like side --since they built some neat steps going down there..  OR--if you don't like steps,  the other side going down has a traditional trail.  You can also hike along the brink of the falls.  ALSO---if you like you can take a spur trail and visit a gorgeous Natural Arch  (called Yahoo Arch) while there... Even with a 'lack' of a lot of water,  we love it there, and highly recommend it to YOU!!!!   Enjoy the photos today,  taken 14 years ago!!!!

 Like I said,  we have been to this area several times ---but these are the only pictures from 2006.  In other similar blog posts,  I showed the steps going down into the gorge,  and I also showed the arch. SO---stay tuned and I may do another post from this amazing little hike/area.

Hope you have an awesome week...  Stay HAPPY;  Stay SAFE..... Prayers for our country --and especially now for the folks out west who have been affected by the horrible wildfires,  and for those along the Gulf of Mexico who have so much damage from the hurricanes.... 2020 has not been a good year for the USA in so many ways.... God Bless ALL of us.