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Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Different Visit to Biltmore House and Gardens

Unless you are new to my blog,  you will know that George and I bought season's tickets to the gorgeous Biltmore House and Gardens in Asheville,  North Carolina this year.  (This will be my 19th blog post about Biltmore!!!!)  We love that place and try to get there every couple of months... What we love the most are all of their gorgeous flowers.

BUT--this month's visit was 'different'..  There weren't many flowers in bloom.  They had some Mums --but most were not blooming on the day we were there (Oct. 11, 2011).   SO---we decided to check out something we have not seen before at Biltmore...

We had seen gorgeous photos of the back of the Biltmore House taken from the water ---but had never found where those photos were taken.   SO---this time we went 'hunting' for it... AND--we found it!!!!! 

On the road to the Winery,  there is a little lagoon on the left.. AND--there is a little rock road which leads back into that area..  WOW---did we ever find a gem!!!!!   The road winds back into an absolutely gorgeous area.  The lagoon is on one side and the French Broad River is on the other side...  There are pull-offs all along the way --for picnics, hikes,  and just plain relaxation...  We will definitely go back to this area.

We also had hoped to see some gorgeous Fall colors at Biltmore --but were surprised that the leaves have not changed much there...  We did get a few colorful pictures ---but not nearly as many as we got here on the Cumberland Plateau when we visited Cumberland Mountain State Park recently...

Today,  I'll share some photos with you from the lagoon area at Biltmore... Above is a picture of a little color we saw on the road toward the lagoon.  Below are more.  Be sure to enlarge the photos for some larger pictures.

This was our view --when we got to the lagoon.  There were Canada Geese EVERYWHERE... They must love that area!!!!!   AND--as you can tell,  there was a tiny bit of Fall colors.

Here is that beautiful view from the lagoon ---looking toward the back of the Biltmore House... Isn't this just tremendous?

Here's another picture  taken in a different place along the lagoon... Doesn't that house look like a palace up there on the hill?????

I was sitting on a rock admiring the beauty around me --and some of the Canada Geese came to visit me... We had our picnic lunch there ---so I'm sure that the geese thought they were going to get some lunch!!!!! ha

See how many geese were in that area!!!!!  AND---there were many, many more around!

Since George and I like to make our memories through pictures together,  we again got the tripod out and took our pictures at the lagoon... Great setting,  don't you think?

We also went a couple of other 'new' areas for us on that day ---so stay tuned for more pictures!!!!   It was a great day ---even though 'different'.... We always seem to have a marvelous time!