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Monday, December 21, 2020

Childhood Christmas Memories

Not a very good picture since it is SO old,  but this is a picture of one of our Christmas Trees I remember as a child;  I think I can still smell that CEDAR tree!!!  I do remember how prickly it was to decorate though --but I still loved it!  I also loved the little village at the bottom of the tree along with the 'fake' snow,  which would almost cut my fingers!!!!  Remember that?

Dear Blog Friends/Family, I found a little time to go back through some old pictures from my childhood at Christmastime.  SO---today I'll take you back to the 1940's and '50's  and share some photos that mean so much to me.   SO MANY MEMORIES of a happy childhood!!!  Hope you enjoy today's pictures.

Growing up in Big Stone Gap  (southwestern part of Virginia),  I remember seeing and playing in lots of SNOW.   I have loved snow ALL of my long life!  We used to make "Snow Ice-Cream" --and I would collect it in my bucket and take it to Mom to fix!!!!!!  YUM.

I love this picture of my sweet Dad, me and my beautiful Mom --taken about 1954 at Christmastime!!!!

My Dad always put up outside decorations at Christmas every year--and Mom used to say that we were the first home in our hometown to have outside decorations.  I loved that big Santa !!!!  AND --I have such fond memories of all of the big evergreen trees in my yard back then.

Mom joined us for a 'family' picture--Christmas, 1946  (My brother, Raymond, was visiting --so he must have taken the pictures.  In the previous picture,  that old Pontiac was Ray's car.)

This is my favorite of this group of pictures taken by my brother, Raymond, in 1946.   Betsy was probably saying:  "Enough of the pictures!  I wanna go and play in the snow!!!"

Dad may have decorated the outside of the house --but Mom was working just as hard decorating the inside of the house!!!!!

Christmas in about 1957;  Mom was dressed --but I had my bathrobe on!!!! ha

I certainly looked happy on Christmas morning that year (1957)...  Maybe Santa was good to me!!!????  Ya think????   (NOTE:  See that chair on the right side of the picture?  I have that chair in my home NOW.... So Special!)

My Family after Christmas Dinner in 1959:  Brother Raymond,  Brother Jimmy,  Dad, Mom and me

I added this recent picture  taken in 2010 to show you our snow on Christmas Morning.  That year was the LAST year we had snow on Christmas Morning.  SO in 2020 (10 years later),  can we possibly get some snow on Christmas?????????????     I am HOPING!!!!!  (But the chances keep getting less and less as we begin Christmas Week.)

 No matter where you live or where you are,  I am praying that ALL of YOU have a blessed Christmas Week--leading up to Christmas Day,  which is the day we celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ.

With the Love of Christmas in my Heart,  I wish you LOVE, JOY,  and FAITH.

Merry Christmas!