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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sea to Mountains

When George and I go on our annual North and South Carolina beach trips in May each year, we always break the trip by stopping at various places (usually new waterfalls) along the way both going and coming. When searching for pictures this week, I saw some pictures from our 2004 spring trip that I thought I would show you. The title (Sea to Mountains) is exactly where we went. We stopped at Mount Mitchell on our way home from a glorious week enjoying the ocean and beach. It was truly a "Sea to Mountains" trip.
After leaving the gorgeous Atlantic Ocean, we headed toward the highest mountain peak east of the Mississippi River. This area is along the Blue Ridge Parkway east of Asheville, NC. There are a few places in the world which still stand apart from the ordinary. Rising more than a mile high at 6684 feet, surrounded by the gentle mist of low-hanging clouds, Mount Mitchell State Park is one of these extraordinary places.
In the crest of the timeworn Black Mountains lies the summit of Mount Mitchell. For those like us who ascended this mighty peak, looming in the horizon were breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, rolling ridges and fertile valleys. The 1,946 acres of forested Mount Mitchell State Park provided us with some of the most tranquil moments we've ever experienced. Above is a glorious picture we took atop Mount Mitchell!! Below are more pictures of our "Sea to Mountains" experience.

We drove up as far as possible and parked in the parking lot (note picture above). We then hiked the remainder of the way UP that beautiful mountain. Glorious , isn't it???

This picture above shows Mount Mitchell ---with clouds and fog all around. I love this picture, don't you???? This was quite a change from our days at the beach!!!!

Before we left the 'sea'---this was one of the sunsets we enjoyed while walking along the beach at North Myrtle Beach --looking back toward the west. Wouldn't you enjoy a trip from "Sea to Mountains"????? WOW!!!