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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Three Sons

After reading Rose's blog last night (click HERE), I got to thinking about my own babies---and all of the great memories I had all through the years raising my three sons. Today, I want to introduce you to my babies. My first marriage was in 1962, and on July 18, 1963----Bert was born. We were still in college (graduated in 1964), so my Mom used to brag and say that her daughter was married, had a baby and graduated from college BEFORE she was 21 years old.... How in the world did I do that????? ha ha (If it weren't for Dr. Spock's baby book, Bert probably wouldn't have made it through that first year!!!! ha)

Above is a picture of my sons taken after Christmas in 2007... Bert and Mark are in the front and Jeff is standing behind. They are all grown up--and between them, I have FIVE wonderful grandchildren now. Below are more pictures of my adorable children through the years.

This little angel is Bert... When he got old enough to talk about this picture, he asked me why in the world I 'fixed' his hair like that!!!!! He said, "Awe Mom!" Personally, I loved it. He had (and still has) very curly hair. He obviously didn't get that curly hair from me!!!! ha

This is one of the many school pictures I have of all of my sons. I think Bert was a young teen when this one was taken. Bert and Clem live now in Las Vegas (after Hurricane Ike uprooted them from Galveston, TX). They are both in the restaurant management business. Bert has an adorable son, Christopher, from his first marriage.

This cutie is my 2nd born son, Mark. Mark was born on January 15, 1970. This child came out smiling ---and seldom quit smiling, all through the years.

Well---Mark is not smiling here ... He had to be 'serious' for his football picture. All of my sons played football ---so I attended lots and lots of games all through the years. Mark and family (wife and two daughters) live in Texas, and Mark is in the home-building business.

The third angel is Jeff. He was born on May 14, 1971. Mark and Jeff are only 16 months apart --so they were almost like twins.

This has always been one of my all-time favorite pictures of Jeff and Mark...As brothers, even though they had their 'moments', they truly loved each other.

This picture of Jeff was taken in 1976 (when the entire country was celebrating our country's birthday). Jeff was about 5 years old here. Jeff has two wonderful children whom he adores. He lives in Chattanooga, TN, and is in the portrait imaging business.

My two youngest sons; Jeff was a blonde and Mark had dark hair. Aren't they cute--all dressed alike??????

I love this old picture---but for the life of me, I can't clean it up!!!! But--I included it because I do like it!!!! Big Brother Bert was holding baby Jeff--with Mark sitting beside them. This picture was taken sometime in late summer, 1971.

Here's another picture of my three babies ---taken in late '71/early '72.

This picture was taken in the early '80's when we lived in New Orleans.

Here is a proud Mom and her 3 'babies' ---taken at Christmas in 2005.

Hope you enjoyed meeting my little sweeties. Even though they are 46, 39, and 38 now (yipes)---they will always be my BABIES... I don't see them as much now as I would like--but I truly can say that, with God's help, I raised three very fine young men that I am extremely proud of.