Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to JULY!!!! Our Lilies are blooming now... So gorgeous!!! Here is one of my many favorites! Meet DIZZY.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Spring in Tennessee 3/24/17

I took time this week to 'walk the yard'... It's the first time I have done it this year...  One doesn't realize how much beauty there is outside in Spring until he/she takes a camera and begins taking pictures... We have had a mild winter followed by a 3 day horrible freeze.  SO---until now,  we weren't sure when we would have anything blooming.

Because of the mild winter after a horrible drought all Fall,  most of our Crocuses,  Hyacinths and Daffodils  bloomed early.  Many of these little beauties got 'zapped' during the freeze....BUT--there are still quite a few Daffodils blooming now.    Daffodils are hearty little flowers and there are so many varieties.  Today I'll show you several different ones that are still showing off their beauty in our yard now.

BUT---Daffodils are not the only thing blooming.   Our Tulips are beginning to bloom and the ground cover,  Periwinkle,  is showing off its blue flowers... Hope you enjoy seeing some of the blooms in our yard... All of these pictures were taken on 3/24/17.

Here's an interesting point (showing how different one year can be to the next):  This time last year,  we had lots of Irises blooming now.  This year so far,  NONE.   AND,  this time last year,  our RedBud trees were blooming... This year,  nothing yet.  I think I mentioned before,  that the horrible drought really hurt the Forsythias in our area.. Some are trying to bloom a little this year,  but none are as pretty as they usually are...  At least,  they are alive. The drought also hurt many Rhododendrons --including ours... We have almost lost our big one (BOO HOO) and have lost one of our little ones totally we think...  BUT--life goes on!!!!  That's just part of Gardening --but not necessarily the part we like!

These are called GRAPE HYACINTHS --and are very small... Most people don't even see or notice them since they are tiny.... I love them though!!!

COLOSSAL DAFFODILS  (these are the typical and common yellow ones we all grew up with and love)

HYACINTH  blooms;  I wanted to show you the cute little Hyacinth blooms up close and personal.  Hyacinths are also small flowers --but oh so gorgeous!

DAD ADAMS DAFFODILS;  These little guys have my heart since George's Daddy gave them to us and they were among the first little flowers we planted when we moved here.

Our Pink PHLOX are blooming now and so pretty mixed in the the blue Periwinkle...   (The white Candy Tuft in that same bed hasn't bloomed yet this year.)

I love the colors of this pretty little Daffodil.  (I've seen several names for this one --so I won't even try to guess.)  I do like it though.

Love this Pink TULIP named  BRIGHT PINK LADY;  Right now,  this one is the only Tulip blooming in that bed... But--she doesn't seem to mind since she is so gorgeous.

Our ground cover,  the PERIWINKLE;   I always love their little blue flowers.


PURISSIMA TULIP;  This one is a pale yellow with a darker yellow inside and in strips along the outside.  It is a gorgeous Tulip.

ACCENT DAFFODIL;  I love this pastel Daffodil with that pretty peachy trumpet.

FORTISSIMO  DAFFODIL  (one of the larger Daffodils in our yard)

My favorite group of Daffodils,  MT HOOD DAFFODILS;  These are almost white --with some yellow on the inside.
Hope you are having a good spring (or whatever season you are in now).  Spring is always a favorite of mine because I love seeing winter end and all of the greens pop out along with all of the beautiful colors...  It is so nice to see the freshness of Spring --after a drab winter!!!!   What is your favorite season?

Have a great week, my Friends...