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Monday, January 30, 2012

Old Man's Cave Gorge, Ohio

On our September 2011 trip east,  one place we visited and thoroughly enjoyed was the Hocking Hills State Park in Logan, Ohio.   Since I was in the hospital in October,  I didn't finish sharing pictures from this trip.  In fact,  even though we spent two days at Hocking Hills,  I had only shared one blog post from there so far.   That post was about Conkles Hollow.  If you didn't see that post,  you can see it by clicking HERE.

Besides Conkles Hollow,  other areas we visited in the state park were Ash Cave,  Cedar Falls,  and Old Man's Cave Gorge.   Today I am sharing some pictures from Old Man's Cave Gorge.   This is the most popular area of the park and it is easy to understand why.

You can hike deep into the gorge where the temperatures are cooler and the trails are fabulous...  There is lush greenery, ferns and moss everywhere.  IF you love hiking (and seeing waterfalls), we highly recommend Hocking Hills State Park.  There are MANY great hiking trails throughout the park. We hope to go back sometime.

Today I will share some pictures of that gorgeous area ---and you can take the loop hike with us in the gorge...   There are several cascades along the way --and I will show you the two major waterfalls.   Sit back and enjoy the hike!!!  (Please enlarge the photos so that you can enjoy the details.)

Lower Falls

Upper Falls

Did you enjoy that hike????  You did get some exercise---so that is good...  The loop trail is only about a mile --so it's really not a hard hike at all.   But---it is a gorgeous hike with so much beauty all around!!!!   I hope you took time to enlarge the photos.  As I said,  we recommend this state park!!!

Hope you have a great Monday.