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Monday, January 5, 2009

Daddy and his Baby

This past summer, I had the pleasure of watching a gorgeous Daddy Cardinal teaching one of his babies how to eat from our feeder. The baby would wander around on the deck before flying up to the railing where the open plate of seed was. Baby would chip quickly in his little baby voice. When Daddy would get near, Baby would just shake all over, squeaking --with his mouth open (wanting Daddy to feed him). Daddy would encourage Baby toward the feeder to take a bite. As soon as Baby got to the feeder, Daddy would fly away so that Baby would eat on his own. BUT--Daddy didn't stay away long. When he came back, Baby would shake all over and cry again. TOO CUTE!!!!! (Wish you could have seen that baby shaking.) This went on for awhile---actually for several days as Daddy taught the little fledglings to fend for themselves. Mama Cardinal was usually close by her babies and the Daddy also--but it was Daddy's responsibility to teach the young how to eat. Here are a few pictures of this wonderful experience that I watched on our deck this past Summer. Above is Daddy coaxing Baby to the feeder.

Above is a picture of Daddy Cardinal being in charge!!!

"Oh Daddy, please help me. I'm so scared!"

Daddy says, "Come on Sweetie. Try this food in here.. Come on!"

"Okay, Daddy, I'll try it!"

"Oh Sweetie, You did it.. I'm so proud of you. Now give me a kissie."