Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to MAY!!!! Spring is AWESOME. Enjoy some beautiful IRISES from our yard. Meet "Goodnight Kiss"

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Some MAY Pictures Taken in our Yard

Bleeding Heart ---see the two little hearts?????
As you know,  Spring got here LATE this year.  BUT--once May arrived,  everything blossomed....  New things are blooming each and every day.  SO--why not share another yard post with you?????  (AND---there will be more this month since I have taken so many many photos!!! ha)

SO--have another cup of coffee (or tea) and relax for a few minutes and enjoy seeing more photos from our yard.  We do work hard in it ---George especially---but when we get new blooms,  the hard work is all worthwhile...

Be sure to click on all of the photos to see the slideshow and see them larger.   The picture above is a new plant in the yard,  a Bleeding Heart... Marcia (from Maryland) sent it to me last year.   I sent her this photo and she was surprised that I had a couple of blooms already.  They usually don't bloom that first year --but mine is looking GREAT.   Check out Marcia's great blog at Birds-Blooms-and Books.  

White Hosta ---White Feather
I love hostas and they do well in my yard... Above is one of my WHITE Hosta plants.  I think its name is White Feather --but am not sure.  It came in a collection.  Isn't it pretty?   (NOTE:   The green hostas seem to be heartier than the white ones ---and do better when co-habitating with the English Ivy and Periwinkle.  The white ones have struggled --and I've had to clear the area around them so that they hopefully can live.  I think the Ivy almost 'ate' them up.)

Pink Dogwood
I don't think I have shared a photo of our beautiful Pink Dogwood this year.   However,  it (along with the Redbuds) seem to struggle this year --mainly due to the weather I think.  We did have a few pretty blooms --which I will share with you above.

Last Fall,  we planted about 72 Pansies around the yard to give us some color during the winter.  Once spring got here,  those Pansies (the ones that made it through the winter--which ended up being most of them this year) perked up and are blooming like crazy.   Here's one example!!!

I showed you our Phlox in my last yard post.  Now I'll show you another pretty little one,  our Candytuft. We also have it in the big rock flowerbed ---hoping that it will spread (along with the Phlox and the Dianthus).  Aren't they pretty?

Once we got home from our trip to the beach,  we found the Irises,  Azaleas and Rhododendrons blooming.  Today I'll share some of our Azaleas --and will save the Irises and Rhododendrons for another post. 

Azaleas come in different colors --and we have 3 different colored bushes in our backyard. You can also see the big Rhododendron in the background.

Here is one of the purple (lavendar) Azaleas up close and personal.

And this is one of the hot pink/reddish Azaleas.   I love this color,  don't you?

Our Back Yard/Deck
Finally,  here is one more photo of the Azaleas in our backyard.  I was standing out in the back yard looking toward our deck.  It's hard to see the Azalea colors from this angle ---but you get the idea...

Hope you have enjoyed more photos from our  little home in Fairfield Glade, Tennessee.    Now ----click HERE  to see a new photo on My Photo Blog.

Have a great day, and remember to say a prayer for all of the people who lost so much in the tornado in Oklahoma.