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Monday, April 22, 2013

Are you an Extrovert or Introvert?????

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I used to do a Friday Blog Series called,  "Let's Talk Fridays"... Do you remember that? I would talk about specific topics --which we would all discuss.  (You can see some of these posts  plus some other discussion-type posts by looking on my sidebar and clicking on the label,  TALK)  It was fun ---so I'm going to do something similar on occasion,  obviously not specifically on Fridays!  I'll call this series,  Discussion 2013....  If you think of topics which would be great for discussion,  please let me know.  Thanks!

Today's topic is about whether you and I are an extrovert or an introvert...  I'm curious about bloggers specifically since I 'think' that many of us have more introvert qualities than extrovert qualities... But---I may be wrong.

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Most of us have taken those personality tests in past, myself included.  I have always tested almost on the line between being an introvert and an extrovert... I fall in the introvert column more than the extrovert one...

Recently,  a good friend of mine --who has known me for years,  introduced me to her daughter, saying that I was an extrovert...  I didn't correct her ---but it certainly made me 'think'....  AND--when I'm thinking, of course,  I come up with a new blog post... ha ha...

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I'm sure I appear to others as someone who is an extrovert.... I 'seem' to be very outgoing ---and am always smiling and seem to be very happy, keeping the true feelings within many times... WELL---I learned to be outgoing,  due to all of the jobs I have had for many years,  working constantly with people, and being in the spotlight (in the field of music, drama, ministry)...

I was a Christian Educator for many years,  and worked with TONS of church volunteers.  I loved those people --and depended on them in order to do my ministry...  BUT--I sometimes would go to work at 7 a.m. ---in order to get my work done before the people started stopping by my office to chat.. 

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BUT-if you want to know the 'real me'---I am one who prefers to be in a one-on-one relationship (like I am with George, or one --or just a few-special friends at a time),  never preferring to be around large groups of people.  I'm truly not much of a people-person although I love blogging and Facebook and being around people in that situation when I'm sitting in my own home, and can turn the computer off and on at will.

But--I also enjoy being with a FEW people at a time ---maybe dinner with a couple of good friends.  That is just perfect for an introvert like me!

I  was always shy ---and all through my life,  even when I was working on my Master's Degree,  I struggled being in a 'group' situation in various classes.  My husband is REALLY an introvert (much moreso than I am) who loves getting lost in a good book, and doesn't talk alot--compared to me.  I've never been a bookworm ---but love to get lost while working on Family History on my computer!!!!

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I love this description of the differences in an introvert and an extrovert....  How do you fit in this group????   One of my good friends is a huge extrovert..  She and I have clashed due to our differences ---but we are still great friends and have grown in understanding of each other through the years.  She doesn't understand or like blogging AT ALL--and prefers to be around lots of people most all of the time.   Some things we truly cannot discuss.

The biggest difference in us is  what we expect from a friendship... I have lots of 'friends' --but not many really special friends.  I expect ALOT from those special friends (since I love one-on-one friendships) ---but since she has TONS of  best friends,  I've had to adjust to the idea of sharing her with lots of other people,  and realizing that I am just one of many special friends to her.

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This extrovert friend is totally a people-person ----who wants to be around people constantly and loves big groups and parties.  She has more energy than I have ever had.  How can two people who are so different be good friends???  Sometimes, I wonder!!!! ha

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WELL---whether you are an extrovert or an introvert,  the fact is that we all NEED each other.  AND--it takes all of us to make up this world... Blogging has been perfect for me---and I can be 'outgoing' on a blog (or email or Facebook) ---while sitting in the comforts of my home!!!!!   How about you????  How do you fit into this wonderful life of ours????   I'll continue to be an INTROVERT ----but when I meet others,  I can be as friendly and outgoing as any extrovert!!!!  How's that????? ha ha

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I will close with one more poster from the internet....  I love my introvert husband.  He's the smartest man I have ever known... Thank God for introverts!!!!!