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Monday, October 8, 2018

CHIHULY Glass Sculptures/Display at BILTMORE --9/25/18

When we got to Biltmore in LATE afternoon,  the afternoon sun was hitting this Chihuly Sculpture.  
Hello  Friends,   On August 8,  2018 (on my Birthday Trip),  George and I visited  Biltmore House and Gardens in Asheville,  North Carolina.   While there,  we got to see (for the first time) the beautiful glass sculptures and exhibits  by the artist  Chihuly....   All I could say at that time was WOW.... We loved it...

In fact we enjoyed it so much during the day that we decided to go back and see them at NIGHT.... We did this on 9/25/18.....  As spectacular as they were during the day,  they were even more awesome at night....  Today I am sharing with you some of my photos from that night visit to Biltmore....  Hope you enjoy!!!!!

Everywhere we walked,  we saw beautiful and COLORFUL displays just like this one.   I'm partial to the Jewel tones --so most of my favorite pictures are of those colors.

But--I also loved the reds/yellows.....  

This was the only display on the inside of the house...  It was so pretty and bigger than my picture appears...  GORGEOUS!

The displays in the Italian Gardens were some of my favorites....  It is hard to believe that all of these were made out of glass...  Amazing!!!

Another beauty in the Italian Gardens

More of my favorite Jewel Tones;     And the greens at the bottom ADD so much... Can you believe that everything you see is made from GLASS?????   Wow.

Outside of the big HOUSE,  they had a huge  water display  --and this is just a part of it.  

I love the colors in this display  (also part of the large display outside at the front of the house--like the picture above).   For that reason,  I used this picture as my 'header' on my blog this month.  Hope you like it.

Another picture from the Italian Gardens that I love....   See the REDS in the background.... Now look at the next picture.

I love this picture of the boat (in the Italian Gardens) --along with the beautiful sky after sundown. My friend Ginny said this looked  like a big BONFIRE in the water.... 

Here is the same picture -- closer,  with a slightly different angle.   Besides the colors in the boat and the gorgeous evening sky,  I also love seeing a part of the big HOUSE in this picture  (in the Italian Gardens).

Another favorite of mine;   Showing the top of one of the Chihuly sculptures ---along with the colors in the late afternoon sky

I saved this one until the end since it truly is amazing  ---showing a boat filled with all kinds of colored glass balls;  Love the balls in the water --and all of the reflections!!!  

They were taking pictures inside the house  --so of course,  George and I had to get one taken together.   
We had a great evening  ---and the word which kept coming to my mind was MAGICAL....  I hope you enjoyed my photos from that evening...

Here's some interesting information for you:  Neither George nor I took our big Canons nor our tripod.   We took all of our pictures with our iPhones.  I have an iPhone 7+  and George has an iPhone 8+.....     We are both happy with the cameras in those phones.   Night pictures are especially good I think.  I hope you enjoyed my photos!!!!!

Have a great week.