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Monday, February 13, 2012

My Wonderful Valentine!!!

This post today is three-fold.  First,  I want to thank George Adams for being my Valentine for the past eleven plus years.  When I met George in 2001,  I found out ---for the first time in my 59 years--- what real love is.  I guess I'd been searching for love all of my life ---and never realized how truly awesome it is to love someone so much, and have them love me for who I am,  even with all of my flaws and craziness!!!  George is truly the nicest, most honest,  smartest,  most loving man I have ever known.  AND to think that he loves me is just amazing!  Thanks, Honey,  for being my lover, my friend,  my companion, my husband, and my VALENTINE.  I am truly blessed.

The picture above was taken on April 21, 2001.  We were at one of our favorite places,  Fall Creek Falls State Park.  This was our  fourth date in three weeks.  BUT--we knew by this day that we loved each other and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.  Fall Creek Falls is very special to us and we have returned many times since 2001.  That is also where our love of waterfalls began. If you haven't read 'my story' about how George and I met,  click HERE  and then HERE.    It is a wonderful story if you haven't read it yet.

This was at our wedding on June 23, 2001.   We got married outside beside the river in Knoxville, Tennessee with only family in attendance.   We had a gorgeous wedding and if you want to see more pictures from our wedding,  click HERE

Secondly,  I am thinking today about my youngest son.  He  and his lady-love will soon be  engaged, and hope to be married sometime this Fall.   SO---Jeff is on my mind as I discuss Valentine's Day today.   I'm not an expert when it comes to love and marriage ---but I certainly have gotten it right this time and just want to share a few things that may help Jeff and Dawn as they start their lives together.

Here are some things which every marriage should consist of:
-Make personal and date time for each other, no matter how busy you are;
-Communicate with each other CONSTANTLY;  Communication also consists of LISTENING to each other;
-Be aware of each other's feelings;
-Be yourself ---and accept each other as you are;
-Celebrate the good things about each other;
-Be understanding;
-Show affection to each other ALOT;
-Have fun together --with lots of laughing!!  Enjoy life;  it's too short not to!!!!
-Never go to bed mad... Work it out!!!
-Problems will occur;  Work them out;  Do NOT ignore them!
-Show your love in little ways,  as well as the big ways;
-Keep that 'spark' alive ---even years after you have been married;
-Marriage takes work ----so work at it all of the time;
-Other than God,  put your spouse FIRST in your life;
-Work out touchy issues (like religion, finances,  politics, etc.)  BEFORE marriage;
- Marriage is not 50-50;  It's 100-100... Help each other as much as possible.
-Find things which you enjoy doing together, and do more of them.
-Keep God at the center of your lives together.

Speaking of showing love in special ways,  above is a picture of my Valentine present from my sweet hubby. He knows how much I love both my backyard birds and windchimes... SO--he got me a new  bamboo windchime which includes a precious little birds nest on top.  Can't you just see the little Carolina Wrens enjoying this new birds nest this spring?????  Isn't this just awesome?  I love it!!!! Thanks, George.

Following are more pictures of George and/or me ---enjoying our lives together.
Did you know that people in love can 'walk on water'?????

See these love-bird 'tree-huggers'?  Note that waterfall across the gorge?

There's LOVE in the Hot Tub!!!

Even if she is being scolded,  she's still laughing!!!!

And he still loves her,  even though she LOVES snow --and he doesn't!!!

AND--even when she pouts  (she broke her hiking stick),  he STILL loves her!!!

Two lovers in LOVE
The third part of this post is to wish  each of you a very Happy Valentine's Day.  We will be out 'waterfalling' ----so I'm sure we'll have a wonderful day!!!!

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to YOU...  Show love to those around you!  LOVE does make the world go 'round!!!!