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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sharp Top Mountain

See that picture above???? That is one of three peaks which can be found at the Peaks of Otter. This one is called Sharp Top. While we were there last Thursday to celebrate my birthday, I noticed that they offered a bus trip to the top of Sharp Top... I got excited about that since I knew that I couldn't possibly hike all of the way UP there (due to my recent knee surgery). SO--we decided to take the bus up to the top...

WELL-----------what I didn't know at the time was that there were still 1500 feet to go once the bus let us out. That doesn't sound too bad, does it????? HA!!!! All 1500 feet were straight UP---with tons of uneven steps to climb. There must have been a million steps... Okay---I exaggerated a little ---but for someone who had just had knee surgery, it felt like a million. BUT--I MADE it (one step at a time).... GADS!!!!!

Here are some pictures starting with the picture above of Sharp Top --with more pictures below.

Here was our bus ---which took us up the mountain!!!!

This is just an example of one set of steps we had to climb --once we got off of the bus. I think there were TONS of steps since we climbed all of the way up into heaven!!!!! ha

"Are we there yet, George??????????" At least, I was still smiling --and my hair wasn't dripping wet yet..... I thought it was going to be cool on that mountain---so for some reason, I took a sweater.... NOT NEEDED!!! ha

Well----we made it to the top... As you can see, the elevation is 3875 feet.

From the top, this picture shows the 3rd peak (Harkening Hill) to the left --and a bit of Flat Top on the right. You can see the Blue Ridge Parkway ---and you can see our resort (Peaks of Otter) below --where we stayed the night before.

Here is a zoomed-in picture of our resort.. The housing area is to the right. We were in the middle building. The building to the left is the conference center and restaurant.

Here's the Birthday Gal ---at the top of Sharp Top Mountain... Think they could have offered an elevator down for this old woman who truly had more trouble going down than up... My knee got a HUGE workout this day!!!! But---be proud of me because I did it (with lots of help from George)!!!!

Here's my HERO----standing at the TIP TOP of the world!!!!! NOW---if you scroll back to that first photo, you may be able to see the rocks on the top of Sharp Top Mountain... That's where we were!!!!!!

Moral of this story: Ask how far the bus will take you FIRST, before making a decision to take that trip. However, I must admit that I'm glad that I went --and was proud of myself for doing it!!! It was gorgeous up there... I'd do it again--even after knowing about the steps!!!