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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Winter Bird Photos of my Backyard Birds --Part I

A very cold and ICY Mockingbird;  See the ice on his tail?   (Photo taken on 2/16/15)
Off and on the past few months,  I have been taking pictures of my Backyard Birds...AND--I haven't taken time to blog about these birdies yet.   SO---today I will share 10 of my favorite pictures of my sweet little Backyard Birds who visited the Bird Kitchen...

Hope you enjoy the pictures... I have one more bird post to share soon..Be sure to click on the pictures for enlargements...

A Northern Flicker Woodpecker at the suet feeder on one of our rare sunny days;  (Photo taken 3/06/15)

Lots of ICE around ---and MANY BIRDS;  I always feel so sorry for the birds in weather conditions such as this.  (Photo taken on 2/18/15)

Our 'resident' Robin ---who was at the feeders most all winter,  and is still around in spring (even though he can now dig for worms);  I'll bet he thinks he OWNS the Bird Kitchen!!! ha  (Photo taken on 2/18/15);   Our big Rhododendron was damaged by the ICE STORMS.

The male Eastern Bluebird sitting on an icy branch --waiting to get his turn at the mealworm feeder;   (Photo taken on 2/19/15)

I love this little Downy Woodpecker... But---doesn't he look COLD?  (Photo taken on 2/17/15)

Another picture of a PUFFED UP Robin  sitting in the plate feeder;  I think he was there to keep the other birds away!!!!!!  Like I said,  he thinks he is in CHARGE... ha  (Photo taken on 2/17/15)

Another picture of the beautiful  Northern Flicker Woodpecker at the Suet Feeder;  (Photo taken on 2/16/15)

A beautiful male Northern Cardinal sitting on an icy branch;  (Photo taken on 2/1915)

George took this picture of a Sharp-Shinned Hawk --which visited the Bird Kitchen on 1/10/15.  Hawks are beautiful birds --but I am thankful that we don't have many around here.  Most of the time,  our crows chase the hawks away --and warn the little birds when a hawk is nearby.  BUT--I just had to share this picture since he is sitting on the top of our arbor.   Isn't he beautiful?

That is all for today.  I will show you more soon.  I am still so glad that I am able to feed the birds ---especially during the winter.  As you know,  we had a wicked winter this year,  so those little darlings were eating and eating ---trying to keep up their energy I'm sure...

Have a wonderful week/weekend.