Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to APRIL!!!! Spring is AWESOME. Enjoy some beautiful TULIPS from Biltmore!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Garvin Woodland Gardens, Hot Springs, AR

I recently blogged about the Anthony Chapel at Garvin Gardens in Hot Springs, AR. Today, I'll share some pictures with you from the gardens themselves. You need to know that we were there there in MARCH.. I can only imagine how much prettier the gardens are now (with more blooms-like the Azaleas). However, there were some 'beauties' there then--which I hope you enjoy. Above is a bed filled with Daffodils and Tulips. There were MANY of these beds around the gardens... Awesome!!!! Below are more!

Don't you love seeing LOTS of Tulips like this---in a huge group???? SO Pretty!!!

All of the landscaping within the gardens was fabulous. This was one of the cascades. Isn't it pretty? (By the way, seeing the cascades and waterfalls was the MAIN reason George and I visited these gardens. However, we loved seeing all of the flowers and that gorgeous chapel also.)

The cascade emptied into a small pond. There were lots of colorful Koi in the pond.

Hundreds and hundreds of Daffodils !!!! Want some????? (I couldn't get over seeing so many!!)

I loved seeing these colors... The Hyacinths in these gardens were some of the prettiest ones I've ever seen. Next to the Hyacinths were Begonias ---and behind the Hyacinths were Tulips. Aren't they pretty ---all of them together?

I love these orange Tulips... Many of you know how much I love the University of Tennessee Volunteers.. Orange and White are their colors!!!! SO---that's why I love ORANGE!!!!! ha

More cascades in the gardens; I certainly was impressed with the landscaping in these gardens. Gorgeous!!!

Finally, I saved my favorite 'til last. These are white Hyacinths. There were LOTS of them around ---and they looked just like snow. I don't think I had ever seen white Hyacinths before--but I fell in love with them.


The Bluebird babies at about age 9-10 days... You can now see all four of them.. (I marked them for you.) I took this picture yesterday afternoon. Click on it to enlarge. I will only be able to open the nestbox for about 2-3 more days since once they get bigger, I don't want to take a chance that they will try to fly out prematurely.

After I quit opening the nestbox, I'll try to get some pictures of Mama and Daddy coming to the nest---to feed the babies. Eventually, the babies will start staring out of the opening ---probably wondering what this big ole' world is all about!!!!! They should fledge sometime between June 2-5... Last year I missed them leaving the nest. I think they do it EARLY in the morning --like 5:30 a.m. Yawn!!!! Don't know if I'll get to see them leave this time or not.... I'm going to TRY!!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend and Memorial Day. Say a prayer for those who died ---especially those who died for our FREEDOM.