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Monday, December 5, 2011

Peaks of Otter ---Part II

Here are a few more photos of the gorgeous Peaks of Otter,  on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Roanoke, VA.  George took the picture above when he was wandering around in front of our lodge room.

That is Sharp Top ---which we visited the last time we were here (August, 2010).   On that trip,  we took the Sharp Top bus up the mountain part of the way and then hiked to the top.  What a great view we had from the top.  (Be sure to enlarge pictures by clicking on them.)

This picture was taken in 2010 when we climbed up to the top of Sharp Top Mountain.  George went all the way to the 'top of the world' ---and I stood down one level and took his picture.

And this one was taken from the TOP ---looking down on the Peaks of Otter lodges/facilities... Aren't they pretty?  (Remember that these two pictures were taken in August of 2010 when we were here the first time.  I remember the hike up Sharp Top well---since I had just had knee surgery in June of that year.... Yipes!!!)

I love seeing the reflections in the lake in this picture.

Look who is standing on the balcony ---outside our room!!!

Here is another picture of some of the gorgeous grounds at the Peaks of Otter.

Lastly,  here is a picture of the other side of our lodge,  along with Sharp Top Mountain!!!  We were getting ready to leave ---so George took one last picture of the lodge... If you expand the photo---you can see the sign.

Hope you enjoyed seeing our pictures from the Peaks of Otter.    If you want to see more pictures from our August, 2010 trip here,  click HERE  and HERE and HERE.   Those posts will give you more history of the area --along with more photos.  This truly is a beautiful place to find peace and relaxation.