Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to MAY!!!! Spring is AWESOME. Enjoy some beautiful IRISES from our yard. Meet "Goodnight Kiss"

Monday, October 11, 2021

Fall Blooms in our Yard 2021

 Dear Blog Friends,  Fall/Autumn is one of my favorite seasons...  Here in our area of the USA,  the changing colors and falling of leaves is happening very late this year.   In fact,  the Dogwoods (pictured below) are about the only Fall Colors we have so far... We've had a very warm Fall so far--and the trees need some colder weather to make those colors happen.  I told George that we'd be picking up leaves at Christmastime this year!!!!! ha    If and when we get some pretty colors like the picture in my header from another year,  I'll post again.

The warmer weather does keep the ROSES and our re-blooming IRISES showing off their colors  --along with some other blooms we are enjoying...SO--today I'll share with you some of these beauties...  The ROSES are looking pretty --but that will be another post.   ENJOY!!!

Our Pink Dogwood showing off its FALL COLORS

Gerbera DAISY

Immortality IRIS

My Friend Jonathan IRIS

Our Beautiful CLEMATIS

Another Gerbera DAISY

This amazing Fall Reblooming IRIS is named  Harvest of Memories.

IRIS named Anxious

Similar but different; Meet Clarence IRIS

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the 'pretties' in our yard.  Most all of these pictures were taken in OCTOBER,  2021, with only a couple in late September. 

Thank You for your kind words in my last couple of posts... It's wonderful to hear from you --and thank you for continuing to  visit my Blog even though I haven't posted much lately due to my accident...

I'm doing good.  My wrist is healing nicely.  I do finally have an appointment with an ENT Doctor this coming Thursday (TWO  MONTHS after our accident)....  I still have hearing loss due to the airbags --but am not sure what they can do to help me..  We shall see!!!!!

I'm still waiting to hear from my referral to see a Neurologist --and am waiting to hear back from them with an appointment....???????

I'll keep you posted -so please continue to pray for me through all of the waiting...

God's Blessings.