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Monday, April 4, 2011

A Little Piece of Heaven!!!

This past week,  George and I enjoyed several days at our favorite mountain cabin in Arkansas,  at Mt. Nebo.  This was the first year we have gone this late in March--and we did have an entirely different experience from other years..  First of all,  the weather didn't cooperate at all,  since we had cold rain and lots of fog and clouds most of the week.  But,   as we always do,  we make the best of a 'different' situation ---and of course managed to have a wonderful week.

The disadvantage of this kind of weather was the lack of very many beautiful sunrises and sunsets (which we love when we are there)... The advantage was that we got some gorgeous FOG shots!!!!!! ha

Luckily,  we took this set of pictures (except for the first one) the very first afternoon we were there.   That was our only clear day all week.    I apologize to my long-time followers --since I have posted MANY Mt. Nebo pictures through the years (since this is our 7th trip there --since 2006).  You will know this special place WELL.....

Below is our mountain cabin --which sits on the top of the mountain, with a great view of the valley below.  This little cabin has one bedroom,  one bath,  a small kitchen and a living area with a GREAT fireplace (which we used constantly).

Above is a picture we took on our LAST morning there.. George put up the tripod and we sat outside in the drizzling RAIN to have our pictures made.... ha ha.....  We did like the view of the fog in the valley below though.

This  picture was taken from the front side looking at our cabin,  with the edge of the cliff in the back.  The bedroom is on this end of the cabin.

This shows the back side of the cabin.  There is a wonderful back porch and a patio area with grill and picnic table.

This picture was taken from the 'other' side of the cabin.   The kitchen is on the front and the living room area faces the back.  The cabins/houses are not close together --which makes for some great privacy!

You can see the porch and patio from here.  Because of the weather,  we didn't get to sit outside very much this trip,  but,  since I always take birdseed with me when we travel (like all good birders do--ha ha),  I made friends with LOTS of birds this past week.  I would sprinkle bird seed along the rock edges and on the concrete patio floor...    It didn't take long for all of the birds to come and visit!!!!!!

This  is a picture of the rocks on the edge of the mountain --with a view of some of the valley below.  The town below us is Dardanelle.   There are several hiking trips in this area.

While we were there, there were LOTS of Turkey Vultures in this area--and they would land on these rocks to rest.  I got a few pictures of the big birds which I will share in future posts.

Here is a view from our back porch. You can see the valley below.  This truly is a 'piece of Heaven' to George and me.  Whether it is sunny, cloudy, snowy, ICY (which it was one year while there),  rainy or foggy--we love it!!!!!!

Hope you had a wonderful week... I will begin to catch up with your blogs soon.