Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to JULY!!!! Our Lilies are blooming now... So gorgeous!!! Here is one of my many favorites! Meet DIZZY.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Our Yard is FILLED with COLOR (and a SURPRISE GIFT)

Our Home on 6/8/14
Today,  I'll show you some similar photos taken on different days....As I've said many times,  George and I 'walk the yard' early in the mornings and then again after dinner. Of course,  we take our cameras with us --getting the best photos we can of our flowers/yard/home. 

This is the perfect time of year here... The weather is warm --but not too hot.  The first batch of Roses are usually some of the prettiest all year long.... AND--with not only roses blooming,  but also the beginning of both Lilies and Daylilies blooming,  that keeps us busy checking them out and taking LOTS of pictures....

Hope you enjoy seeing different days in our yard recently.  Pay attention to the dates --so that you can see the progression.  Click on the photos for enlargements.

George  getting up close and personal with that rose!!!! (taken on 6/6/14)
We both would do all kinds of things (including getting in all kinds of positions)  in order to get the best photos we can.... This is evidenced by George sitting in the driveway getting a good close-up.

Rose Bed-- (taken 6/3/14)

Close up --- (taken on 6/4/14)

More and more Roses Blooming; (taken on  6/9/14)

You should smell all of these beauties!  (taken on 6/10/14)

Add in some Daylilies (Early Bird Cardinal) --and you have even more color!  (taken on 6/10/14);  NOW--compare this photo with the 3rd picture from the top --taken on 6/3/14... What a difference a week can make!!!!

The Early Bird Cardinal Daylilies are in the bed in front of the Rose Bed.  (taken on 6/11/14)

More and more blooms (taken on 6/12/14)

Different Angle---(taken on 6/13/14)

One more similar photo;  (taken on 6/13/14)

Our Home --from the road--with some LILIES added to the beauty;  (taken on 6/14/14)
Even though many of the photos look similar,  they were taken on different days and/or from different angles.  It's hard to capture the true beauty that we enjoy here this time of year... Hope you enjoyed seeing the COLORS in our yard!

Huge Photo/Poster (photographed by George) of WHITEWATER FALLS,  North Carolina
These two pictures are my 'early' ANNIVERSARY present from my Sweetheart.  Our 13th anniversary is on June 23 ---but I got a special GIFT early... This is a HUGE photo (made into a big poster and framed) of WHITEWATER FALLS in North Carolina. The next photo tells you where it is placed in our home.  It just takes my breath away every time I see it...

The new framed photo/poster of Whitewater Falls over the Fireplace
Whitewater Falls is perfect above our fireplace, don't you think???? This HUGE 'poster' (Photo which George took when we were there in March, 2014) is 30 inches by 45 inches... I couldn't believe it when it came by UPS.... I just sat and cried--with all of the emotion I had inside of me. I am so truly blessed to have such a fantastic husband --and I thank God for him constantly... Isn't it amazing???? (Our anniversary is not until June 23 --13 years-- but when this big package came, George couldn't hide it from a 'nosy' wife!!!!! ha)

Needless to say,  we are taking a week off from Blogging to celebrate these wonderful 13 years we have had together..  I'll be back on June 30...   Hope all of you have a great week --and think about us on Monday,  June 23!!!!!!

Hugs to ALL,