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Monday, January 14, 2013

From the Archives: SNOW 2006

Most of you know that for the past 2-3 years,  we haven't gotten much snow here on the Cumberland Plateau.  In fact ---this year,  we have just experienced spring-like temperatures  here... Unbelievable for January to be almost 70 degrees!! GADS!  I am desperate for some WINTER ---and some SNOW.... Can you send me some?

Anyhow----we have had some 'nice' snows here in the Glade in past years.  My header picture that I've shown you since January 1st was taken in 2006... SO---since  my blog theme this month is SNOW,  instead of showing you beach pictures today (HA HA),  I went back into my 2006 pictures and will show you some more of the pretty pictures we got back then when being outside enjoying some of the snow we got that year.

The picture above of me shows you just how much I LOVE snow....I don't need feet and feet of it... I'm happy with a few inches!!!!  I love those 'wet' snows which cling to everything.

Here's one from the deck looking out back toward the golf course.

Even George is happy to see this snow (I THINK?????? ha)....

We walked around the golf course near our house.  This is a neat picture of one of the lakes on golf course property.

Who is that 'tree-hugger'?????

Here's George on the golf course path near another one of the little lakes...

This is another picture looking out back from our deck.

Here's one more picture of one of the pretty lakes we passed while on our walk.

Finally,  here's another picture of this crazy woman who is thrilled to be out on a snowy day!!!!!   I just hope to see some snow like this THIS YEAR.... Right now,  all we have is RAIN-RAIN-RAIN.... Gosh---never seen so much rain in a long time!!!!

Hope you enjoyed my 2006 pictures.... At least,  they match my blog theme!!!!! ha

Have a super Monday!!!  I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my 'middle' son,  MARK.  Mark turns 43 tomorrow,  January 15.   I am so proud of Mark and the young man he has turned out to be... This Mama is BEAMING with PRIDE!!!!!  Happy Birthday, Sweetie!