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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Waterfalls upstream from Bald River Falls, TN

I'm continuing with yesterday's post talking about our little trip to the Tellico River area (near Tellico Plains, TN) on June 16. It was only 2 weeks since I had had my knee surgery---so I was just along for the ride!!!! But--it was a beautiful ride.

The picture above is a picture of Bald River Falls, which can be seen from the Tellico River Road. (The last picture in yesterday's blog was a picture of me standing on the bridge in front of Bald River Falls. )

George decided to take a .6 of a mile hike above Bald River Falls (while I sat and admired the Tellico River and also Bald River Falls... Bald River connects with the Tellico River here --and it is a beautiful place to sit and relax. Anyhow--George took this short hike and found NOT one, NOT two, but FOUR new waterfalls (5 total counting Bald River Falls) up that trail. He took the Bald River Trail #88 to see these beauties... I can't wait until I am healthy enough to make this hike. It's short but STEEP. Below are the pictures of what he found up that trail.

This is the brink of Bald River Falls... GOSH---I hope nobody ever tries to walk across the top of that waterfall. It's a long way to the bottom (as you can tell by looking at the top picture).

This is Kahuna Falls. This is the first one above Bald River Falls.

Isn't this a gorgeous area???? (I wanna see it... Whine Whine!!!) This next waterfall after Kahuna is called the Bald River Cascades... Wow!!!

This one is named Suislide Falls... I guess it would definitely be 'suicide' if you tried to slide down that waterfall. Yipes!!!!

Finally, the fifth waterfall on Bald River is named Shallow Falls... IF you are ever in the Tellico area, we recommend all of the waterfalls in that area... George was THRILLED to see some new waterfalls that day --and I just enjoyed the ride.

Blogger Tip #3: Don't put too many pictures on each post; I previously posted about 12 pictures on each post--but have changed it to 6. I have noticed that people will take time to look at a blog IF it is not too long. Otherwise, they just scan it. Hope this helps!!! (Remember ---these are just MY ideas after being a blogger since 2006. AND--I also need your tips!! Thanks!)