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Monday, February 12, 2018

IMPROVEMENT is the Best Way to Describe it!!!!!!

Dear Blog Friends,   It has been two weeks since I posted.    Since that time,   I've had a really rough journey!!!!!!   Thanks for your thoughts, emails, texts,  messenger notes, and prayers for me....

Bottom Line for me:  Ten Days (Jan 30-Feb. 8, 2018) which included TWO separate illnesses/diseases and TWO different hospitalizations;   I am home now (came home on the 8th)  and beginning to feel some better with each passing day!

On Jan. 30th  I headed to the hospital  doubling over in extreme pain,  and was diagnosed with a terrible Stomach Bacterial Infection  (called  SCLEROSING MESENTERITIS)  Then on Feb 5  I was back in the hospital, with a very very rapid heart rate,  and was diagnosed with A-Fib  (ATRIAL FiBRILLATION)....    Over the two visits,  I was in the hospital for a total of 6 days/7 nights.

You probably have as many questions as I do... Why? How could these two things happen so close together?   Are they connected?   ETC ETC ETC.....  My answer:  I have no idea... I do know that I have had stomach problems  and sleep problems  for a long time --but nothing as painful as what put me in the hospital the first time recently... I always have to be careful what I eat, how much, etc...   BUT ----?????

About the A-Fib  (rapid heart rate),   I have no idea what could have caused it...  I have never had any heart problems at all and even no high blood pressure.... BUT-- I do know (and most of you do also) that I have had a lot of stress on my through 2017. Stress can cause all kinds of problems --even to a healthy person like I thought I was!!!!!    I also read that A-Fib can begin from infections (which is what I had with my stomach)...  AND---I also am ANEMIC --so that can cause A-Fib....  That's about all of the possible answers I can come up with now....

I have a detailed/by day record of my life during those 10+ days  IF you are interested in reading more....   You'll have to email me (betsyadams@mac.com) or  message me (if you have Messenger) if you want a copy....  Some people might be interested in reading more and others may not.... Not a problem at all for me!!!!!!   I do know that I have to live with the A-Fib FOREVER now  --and be very careful to get the correct dosages, just for me, (of my 3 medications I came home with).    If any of you suffer from A-Fib,  I'd love to hear from you since this is all SO NEW to me.

I'm not anywhere near 100% now ---and probably won't be a month from now.  I will just keep on  trying to move forward and get well....  I'm not sure how much energy I have to answer your posts anytime soon --but I do try to at least read them.  In the meantime,   keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

My WORD right now is IMPROVEMENT!!!!!!

AND --thanks to my George who is the best nurse in the entire world!!!  Bless his heart.


Friday, February 2, 2018

Taking a Blog Break

Since some of you have asked or are wondering where I am, I decided to tell you that, due to some health problems I am dealing with, I am going to take a break from Facebook and Blogging for awhile... I will be back soon I'm sure ---once I feel better... In the meantime, please keep me in your thoughts and prayers... Thanks and Hugs!