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Monday, September 26, 2016

Around Abbott Lake at the Peaks of Otter, Virginia-- 9/13 and 14, 2016

CATTAILS around the Lake 9/13/16
In my last post,  click HERE,  I talked about one of my favorite things to do when we were on a little vacation at the Peaks of Otter in Virginia... That favorite thing was to walk around Abbott Lake both evenings we were there close to sunset,  August 13 and 14.   Today,  I'll share some of the little things we saw while walking around the lake...  Hope you enjoy the pictures.  You can click on them for enlargements.


FERNS growing in the woods around the lake  9/14/16

So pretty,  don't you think?  I love WILDFLOWERS this time of year.   9/14/16

The WILDFLOWERS were so pretty as we walked.  9/14/16

FISH in the water;  Ready to go fishing?????  9/14/16

Cute little BUNNY searching for dinner  9/14/16

Beautiful big leaves on this GROUND COVER  9/14/16  (There was a bench in this area where one could enjoy nature and a lake view.)  9/13/16

A group of very pretty WILDFLOWERS  9/14/16

A tree shaped like the top of an ELK;  Use your imagination!!!! ha  9/14/16

First Lodging for Travelers in the 1830s;  This cabin was called the Polly Wood's  ORDINARY and was a small boarding house until the early 1850's.   9/14/16

Double your Pleasure!!!!   Here are some pretty orange WILDFLOWERS with an added spider web.  I didn't see the cobweb until I got home and pulled the picture up on my computer!!!!  9/14/16

And my FAVORITE capture on our walk:  A GREAT BLUE HERON enjoying the evening;  (I tried to find some OTTERS since they 'say' there are two in the lake --but I was unsuccessful this time.)  9/13/16

Another picture of the GREAT BLUE HERON  9/13/16

Our Inn from the other side of the lake... It is beginning to get dark.. You can see the lights on in the rooms.. AND--when we walked by there,  people just like us were sitting on their porches enjoying the sunset.  9/13/16

Night-Night!!!!!   We are back to the room enjoying the sunset  9/14/16
IF you ever get to the Peaks of Otter,  be sure and stay in one of the inn rooms --and don't miss the little walk around the lake...  SO beautiful and relaxing especially at sunset.

I  took lots more pictures as we traveled around that lake --but I'll show more of them in another post when I share more of the lake, sky, sun, and reflections... What JOY.

Hope your life is wonderful.  They 'say'?????   that we are supposed to get some cooler weather this week...  Hope we can also get some rain --but who knows??????

Blessings to you.


Monday, September 19, 2016

A Much-Needed Getaway to Virginia

Peaks of Otter -- where we stayed (Sept. 13-15,  2016)
My Facebook Friends know (since I talk about it constantly) that our area has been in a horrible DROUGHT --including very very high temperatures also....We have had a HARD summer --at least those of us who try to garden and keep a nice yard.... Consequently,  our stress levels have been higher than usual lately...

In order to 'find our souls and our HOPE again'  ---we decided to just walk away from everything for a few days and get some rest and relaxation,  and some new scenery...George got a great deal on a room ---so off we went on September 13 to Virginia....  We spent two nights at the BEAUTIFUL    PEAKS of OTTER along the Blue Ridge Parkway near Bedford, Virginia.....  To see their webpage,  click HERE.

We took a gazillion pictures ---so I picked out a few to share with you today..... Hope you enjoy some of the things we did ----remembering that even though we DID do some hiking and walking,  we also found time just to relax and enjoy our time there together.    Hope you enjoy the pictures!  You can click on them for enlargements.

Look at the beauty we saw from our ROOM..  This is Abbott Lake at the Peaks of Otter (9/14/15).  I loved seeing the REFLECTIONS.

We also enjoyed driving along the gorgeous BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY all three days! There were lots of wildflowers in bloom.

Abbott Lake (beside our room) was so gorgeous.   That mountain is named SHARP TOP --and we went to the top  on Sept. 14.

We rode the bus up the mountain part of the way and then hiked up the last 1500 feet.... We are now on the top of SHARP TOP Mountain.. (A nice couple we met took our picture)

From the top of SHARP TOP,  you can see Abbott Lake and the Peaks of Otter where we stayed... It was gorgeous up on that mountain  (at 3875 feet high--one of VA's highest peaks)

REFLECTIONS on Abbott Lake at sunset one evening --as we walked around the lake;   Walking around the lake both evenings was one of my favorite things to do...  Talk about peaceful!

The first night (9/13/16) we walked around the lake at sunset,  the sky was clear and there were no clouds...  BUT---we enjoyed an 'almost' full moon over the water...  (Very ROMANTIC as we walked around the lake)

SUNSET the next night (9/14/16) --showing lots of pretty, colorful clouds--as we walked around the lake;

Another picture showing a very happy woman ---along the Blue Ridge Parkway;  OH how I love being on 'top of the world'.

It had been many years since we had been to the NATURAL BRIDGE in Virginia --so we decided to check it out again...  This is one amazing natural bridge (215 feet high and 90 feet wide).  A website to read more is  HERE.

We hiked on Cedar Creek Trail and checked out a little Indian Village (Monacan Indians).  

Of course,  we just HAD to check out LACE FALLS (along Cedar Creek Trail) --which was a new waterfall to add to our long list  of waterfalls we have seen since  2001.

Beautiful MABRY MILL (along the Blue Ridge Parkway on 9/15/16);  We walked around the area enjoying the grist mill,  sawmill,  blacksmith shop,  old Appalachian homeplace, etc... VERY nice history and demonstrations!! For more information about MARBY MILL,  click HERE.

We enjoyed the Mabry Mill area ---and seeing and reliving history!  We also ate lunch at their CAFE ---and I had one of the best Fried Green Tomato, Bacon and homemade Pimento Cheese Sandwiches on Sourdough Bread that I've EVER had.... YUM.

Hope you enjoyed seeing a few of our pictures from this great little trip to Virginia... This picture was taken on 9/14/16 as we enjoyed just sitting by the lake having fun together...

The bottom line is that we DID come home refreshed and feeling MUCH better... Sometimes,  we ALL just need a break from life ---to relax and enjoy new surroundings....

Have a wonderful week, my Friends.


Monday, September 12, 2016

More ROSES in our Yard 2016

Beautiful Dreamer Rose 7/2/16
I had this post ready sometime in July --but never got it published... SO---today is a good time (before Fall actually really gets here) to enjoy seeing more Roses in our yard this summer... You can click on them to see enlargements.. The date is when I took the picture.  Hope you enjoy them.

For anyone new to my blog,  we grow Hybrid Tea and Grandiflora Roses in our yard --and have over 50 different varieties...  This is one of my husband's hobbies ---and I get to enjoy the roses since he brings one inside for me almost every single day.  The hardest thing is when he brings one in and I have to 'guess' its name.  I know some of them well--but not all....

Ronald Reagan Rose 7/2/16

Helen Traubel Rose 7/2/16

Mr. Lincoln Rose 7/2/16

Summer Nights Rose 7/3/16

About Face Rose 7/6/16

Paradise Rose 7/7/16

Strike It Rich Rose 7/7/16

Perfect Moment Roses (same rose bush,  different stages of blooms) 7/13/16

Sweet Freedom Rose 7/13/16

Chicago Peace Rose 7/14/16

Fragrant Cloud Rose 7/14/16

Gemini Rose 5/10/16

Daring Spirit Rose 5/12/16

Elle Rose 5/13/16

Radiant Perfume Rose 5/26/16
Hope you enjoyed seeing more of our 2016 Roses.... We have really had a good season this year thanks to my Sweetie for taking such good care of his 'babies'....  IF you missed my other ROSE post,  you can click HERE.

Hope you are having a good September SO far....  Have a wonderful week, my friends.