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Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Revisit to Where it All Began

George and I took his mother and father back to southern Indiana in October of 2006 --to re-visit the small town of Winslow, which is Mom's hometown. Mom grew up in the area and graduated from high school there. Dad Adams was in Winslow working in a CCC camp, with a group of young men who were building a new park in that area. Mom and her good friend, Virginia, met their future husbands when the young men came to Winslow to work. You can only imagine how the people in town felt about their home-town girls dating those 'outsiders.' Oh My!!!!!

Nevertheless, Mom and Dad did fall in love---and Dad would walk miles and miles just to see her. When we were in Winslow and Arthur (nearby town), they showed us how far the walk was from his workplace and/or camp to Mom's house. That was true love I'm sure!!!!

Mom's father and mother had ONE rule. She couldn't get married until she was 20... SO, on May 2, 1940, she turned 20 and they were married on May 5, 1940. We visited the church Mom and her family attended and where she and Dad got married. The church is the Winslow Christian Church --and the sign out front was dedicated in memory of Mom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Cassiday.

This next May, these two wonderful people will have been married for 70 years. Dad Adams is 97 and Mom is 89. They are such an inspiration to me. Here are some pictures from our visit to Winslow, Indiana in 2006 plus a couple of extra pictures. Above is a picture taken the week of Dad's 95th birthday --in 2007. I wanted to include it so that you can see Mom's gorgeous smile. Below are more!!!

This is the home in Winslow, Indiana, where Mom lived when she and Dad got married.

The sign in front of the church is in memory of Mom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Cassiday. Mom and her family were very active in the Winslow Christian Church.

Winslow Christian Church was built in 1923 and is in immaculate condition, inside and out.

Mom played the piano in this church many years ago. She played for us again on this day. Dad joined in as we sang "The Church in the Wildwood".

George even remembered the layout of this church--since he visited here as a young child. There were some gorgeous stained-glass windows in this sanctuary.

Dad and Mom got married in this church on May 5, 1940. These two lovebirds are as much in love today as they were in 1940.


Since there are no wedding pictures, I'll close with this portrait of Mom and Dad Adams and their firstborn, George, who was born on March 9, 1942. This picture was taken about 1943 when the family lived in Crown Point, Indiana. Isn't my Georgie a cutie pie????

Taking Mom and Dad back to Winslow and being there to relive their wedding was just awesome. When I married George, I found the most wonderful family one could ever have!!!