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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Water, Anyone?????

While we were visiting Serenity Falls this past week, we took a ride to the Greenbriar area of the Smokies. On the main road between Cosby and Gatlinburg, there is a turn-off gravel/dirt road which follows the Little Pigeon River back into the mountains. This Greenbriar area is used by the 'locals' for swimming in summer, but there is camping, picnicking and hiking available year 'round.

When we were there (after much rainfall), the river was really flowing and seemed ANGRY!!!!! TONS of water flowed quickly down the mountains--and there were cascades, waterfalls and white-caps everywhere. We enjoyed driving up into the mountains following that river. Several other streams join in with the Little Pigeon at several places along the way, making even more water!!! It was truly amazing. Here are some pictures of the Little Pigeon taken on a chilly, damp, drizzly day. Above, George climbs out on those rocks to get more pictures.

One of my sons brings his children here (and my other grandchildren) during the summer to swim. I sent these pictures to them--asking them if they were ready to swim here NOW..... NOT!!!! ha

Isn't this a pretty little waterfall/cascade?

This girl LOVES this "Wild and Scenic River"!

Some people love to kayack here.... NOT ME!!!

Sometimes, there are more rocks than there is water here. Not this time!!!!

This is one of the smaller creeks coming down out of the mountain, feeding into the Little Pigeon.

You can see that creek at the top--flowing into the river. That creek is called Middle Prong.

I am on the bridge which crosses the Little Pigeon. That road leads back to the Ramsey Cascades hiking trail.

This picture was taken from the bridge--looking up the river. Pretty, huh?

Hope you enjoyed seeing this WILD River... Listen carefully and you can hear it ROAR.