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Friday, August 3, 2012

Lawdy-Lawdy--Look Who's 40-50-60---SEVENTY

Elizabeth Bruce Banks (Betsy) born August 5, 1942
Uh-Oh!!!!! Another birthday?????  How can that be????  This ole woman is turning SEVENTY on Sunday!!!!!  Holy Cow---that's ANCIENT!!!!!

Oh Well---life is not age (although my old creaky bones let me know that I'm not 40 any longer)---but it's what you make of it and what you do with it.  Right??????   I don't feel 70 (WELL--most of the time... ha)---and I certainly don't act 70.....

BUT---I can  'act' dumb sometimes ---like when I'm playing Trivial Pursuit with my kids/grands.... YIPES----I AM dumb!!!!! ha

Today,  you are going to get a picture of me taken each decade....  All in all,  I've had a pretty great life for these 70 years...  AND--I hope to have more decades of good health!!!!

Hope you enjoy the pictures.....

Betsy in about 1952  (although I think I was 12 instead of 10 here)

Betsy in 1962 (college picture)

Betsy and ex-husband and three sons in 1971-72
Bert was about 8,  Mark -1,  and Jeff--just a few months old here

Betsy and her sweet Mama in 1982
Here is one of my favorite pictures of my Mom...  She was 82 years young then ---and lived 'til she was 91 (in 1991).   What a wonderful lady ---and I miss her so much!

Betsy at her desk working hard in 1992 (age 50)
My favorite job all through the years was the 12 years I worked at Clear Lake United Methodist Church  near Houston, TX.  Such great memories from there!!!!

Mr and Mrs. George Emery Adams --June 23, 2001
This began a new life journey for me with George--and was truly  the happiest decade of my entire life--with more to come! This portrait was our official wedding photograph --taken by my son, Jeff,  at his studio.

Betsy at the Biltmore House and Gardens,  June 14, 2012
Finally,    here is a picture of one very happy lady---even if she is 70!!!!!   I only hope I am doing this well and smiling like this in 2022.

I spend time on these special days thinking about my life, my joys and my struggles.   There's truly not much I would change because we all go through struggles and make good and bad choices and decisions.. I think that's just part of life ---and we certainly learn from these struggles..  The key is to keep God at the center of our lives,  find joy in everything we do,  and live each day to its fullest.  Thanks be to God for giving me these 70 years.

I am going to take a blogging break to 'really' celebrate the big 70, so I won't be back until either Friday,  August 10 or Monday,  August 13.    Hope ALL of you have a fabulous week!!!!!   Thanks for loving me!