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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rich Mountain Drive --Part II

UP--UP--UP we went!!! We took a gravel road across Rich Mountain (between Cades Cove and Townsend) on Thursday, September 9th. IF you missed Part I of our journey, click
HERE. Today I will share with you some more pictures from our little trip. The picture above shows the road below us ---as we take the switch-backs up that mountain... This is an incredible area!!!! Below are more!

We stopped along the way ---and in this particular area, we took a little hike. We were looking for another overlook --so that we could see more of Cades Cove, but we didn't find one. It was a nice little trail though ---and we enjoyed the hike.

While on the trail, I saw this adorable little purple flower. My Sweetie put on his macro lens --and took this great picture. Isn't this a gorgeous little wildflower?

George can tell you how much I love Fall ---especially RED trees.... Not many trees had turned in the Smokies when we were there, but I got very very excited seeing this gorgeous red leaf.... Fall is truly coming!!!!! Yeah!

The dogwoods were beginning to 'turn' ---so we captured some pictures.

In the last Rich Mountain post, I mentioned that George had to climb up a bank in order to get some pictures of Cades Cove above the trees... There's some old girl watching him climb that bank making sure that he didn't take a tumble. (He stayed on his feet really well!!!)

Like I said, we do want to go back up that mountain when the leaves are off the trees. I think we'll get many more pictures showing Cades Cove then.

I'm sure that some of you bloggers know what these berries are. I have no idea--but I was hoping there would be some little birds around grabbing them. But there were no birds in sight at that time.... Sigh!!!! (UPDATE: Thanks to LINDA from PA for telling me that they are Elderberries!!)

Eeee Yi Yi..... A very pregnant tree!!!!!! ha ha ha..... OR---if not that, it's the biggest WART I've ever seen!!!!! Yipes!

Well--this concludes our little trip across Rich Mountain... I'm sure we will go back --and then you will be the lucky one to see more of our crazy pictures!!! (Tee Hee)

Some of you may notice that I changed from the pull-down comment menu to the full page one... The pull down form has been causing trouble to people trying to post comments on my blog. Either the menu comes up blank, or you get "Service Unavailable".... I don't want my wonderful commenters to have that kind of problem.

I love the pull-down one ---and hope that Blogger will eventually get it fixed.. I will admit that the pull-down one can get frustrating when I hit the PUBLISH button--and then don't have a clue whether my comment published or not... That's why I do multiple comments at times --being impatient waiting for Blogger to tell me that my comment was published.

Have a great Thursday!!!