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Monday, April 6, 2020

West Virginia or Bust!!!!! (3/7 and 3/8--2020)

"Country Roads---Take me Home..."
Since none of us can travel these days,  I want to take you on a "Virtual Ride" to West Virginia...  For George's special Birthday Trip this year,   we took a little trip to Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia (from March 7-12, 2020).   I am so glad we got to make this trip before the COVID-19 Corona Virus restrictions happened...  BUT--after reading about the few number of cases in West Virginia now,  I wonder why we just didn't stay there longer!!!!! ha

Hope you enjoy Day 1 and 2 of this little trip.... Get your cuppa,  sit back,  put on your seat belt --and come along with us to see what we saw those first two days!!!!

As we traveled through Virginia,  I took this picture of snow-capped Mt. Rogers  (near Marion, VA).

Cutie Pie Georgie----enjoying some Carrot Cake in our motel (Princeton, West VA) on our first night on the road. The Birthday Celebration BEGINS!!!!!

After leaving Princeton on Day 2,   we headed north, opting to take the 'backroads' through the mountains.   Taking the backroads takes a little longer --but OH --so worth it!

We just had to stop and check out this little Covered Bridge.  The name is the Indian Creek Covered Bridge and it was built in 1898.  This bridge is located in Monroe County, West VA.

George took this picture of me standing at the Indian Creek Covered Bridge.

While taking pictures at the Indian Creek Covered Bridge,  I spotted this little country church nearby!!!!

Beautiful OLD home we passed  (near Lewisburg I think);

Look at this beautiful home!!!!!   WOW!

Buckle up tight.... We're headed UP UP UP the mountains!!!!!  Higher and Higher we go!!!!   Guess what????  The female in the car was SO excited to see SNOW!!!!  If you are following us on a map,  we are on Highway 219,  near Snowshoe Mountain Ski Resort, elevation 4800 feet.

We stopped at a Dairy Queen at Elkins so that the Birthday Boy could enjoy his favorite,  a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard.... YUM...

WE MADE IT!!!!!   Welcome to Blackwater Falls State Park!!!!!  (This state park is located near Davis, West VA,  and is almost into the state of Maryland!!!!)

The day before his "official" birthday,  we checked into Blackwater Lodge for 3 nights.  

Of course,  we just HAD to take a short walk around the lodge area.   What a wonderful view of the canyon below.  Want to come and sit with me for awhile?   Our room for the week looked out over this awesome canyon.

The old lady SNOW LOVER just had to play in the left-over snow!!!!! ha ha

WELL---this completes Day 2!!!!!   Stay tuned to see what we did on Day 3 (George's Official 78th Birthday)...

Hope you enjoyed today's little trip... George and I both love West Virginia and have taken several trips throughout the state all through the years.   I'll bet this won't be the last one!!!!!

Have an awesome week ---and please do everything you need to do to stay HEALTHY --and Virus-Free....