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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Welcome to our World

Today I want to share our little piece of our world with you. Since I have so many followers not only from the USA--but from all around the world, I thought you might enjoy seeing the area of Tennessee where we live. The picture above shows the state of Tennessee. We live north of the town of Crossville in a community called Fairfield Glade. I added the red star on the map to show you 'sorta' where we are. We are 1 hour west of Knoxville and 2 hours east of Nashville. Both Knoxville and Nashville are in the 'valley' --and we are 2000 feet above sea level, on the Cumberland Plateau. We are in the Central time zone ---but are almost on the line since Knoxville and Oak Ridge are in the Eastern time zone.

Fairfield Glade is a resort community --and even though most of the the single-family homes are owned by retirees, there also are lots of time-share facilities --which help give the community alot of children and families around most of the time, which is nice. Because we are a resort community, there are plenty of things to do here. Let me just show you some pictures from here in Fairfield Glade, Tennessee.

Beautiful Lakes and Golf courses

Paved hiking trails through the woods

Outdoor pools

Beaches (That is one of my granddaughters.)

More Golf

Horseback Riding

Indoor swimming ---and classes; A gym and work-out area; And a Wellness Center

Several restaurants ---from fine-dining to fast-foods

Boating and Fishing (my son and daughter-in-law)

The wildlife (see the deer?) are protected here ---so we have LOTS of them.

AND----if we are lucky, we may get a little snow (just to make this snow-loving girl happy)....

Come and see us sometime... We'd love to show you around our world.

P.S. Some of these pictures were mine/ours and some are from the internet.