Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to JULY!!!! Our Lilies are blooming now... So gorgeous!!! Here is one of my many favorites! Meet DIZZY.

Monday, August 5, 2019

My Beautiful Life

Elizabeth Bruce Banks,  born August 5,  1942 (little fatty --to this day!!!! ha)
Well My Friends,   somehow,  with God's help and YOURS,   I made it another year.....  Today  I am now 77 years YOUNG.   SO---I'll share with you a few pictures of  me through the years...

This birthday is special since I am still in Normal Sinus Rhythm (my heart is beating NORMALLY) --and I feel really good...  I still tire easily,  but am 100000000% better than I was last year on my birthday!!!!!  SO---we're heading outta here to do some celebrating!!!!!!

Hope you enjoy the pictures.... I have truly have had a great life, hopefully with LOTS more to come....

Brother Jim, Mom,  Brother Ray,  ME, Dad (Sadly,  I am the only one left.) The extra picture on top was taken in about 1945.  

Senior Prom,  1960

One of my College Pictures,  about 1962

She graduated and went to work!!!!!  (I married,  had 3 awesome sons,  and worked FULLTIME from 1965-2003.  This picture was taken in about 1992-- when I turned 50!!!!)

The HIKING girl!!!!!    Got to live my passion  of loving the outdoors when I met and married George Adams. (Taken about 2004 I thnk)   

Then she 'grew up'...... Life just gets better!!!!! (Taken about 2013)

Nothing better than hiking in the mountains  (taken about 2017)

Another Passion of mine!!!   Devotions and Hot tea on the Swing--early on a cool morning  at our wonderful little home!!!!!!  (Taken on July 24, 2019)
OKAY--- I'll stop although I could go on and on about my beautiful life... I've talked about some passions for life that I have,  but there are many more --beginning with my love for God,  my love for my awesome husband, my love for my three fantastic sons,  AND many more 'loves' (gardening--especially our roses and lilies;  my computer time with YOU;  my love of Genealogy; and MORE)...

Hope you have a terrific week ahead.... I'm sure I'll be sharing some new pictures with you soon.  God's Blessings on ALL of you.