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Friday, February 18, 2011

Let's Talk Fridays: The Worst Vacation EVER

When I was young,  we didn't take many vacations--that I can remember.  I remember being jealous of my older brother, who took his family on long vacations all over the country every year.  I do remember my folks taking me to Daytona Beach when I was a teenager.  And I remember taking some train trips on occasion (since my Dad worked for the railroad and got free passes).   I don't remember any bad vacations back then.

Then, when I got married the first time,  I seldom remember us taking vacations either ---other than to visit family (which is not much of a vacation).   We had 3 kids --so wherever we went,  they went also..  SO--no bad vacations during those years either.

After my divorce and after the kids were all grown and gone from the home,  I started taking yearly vacations with my 3 childhood friends.  We've been doing this off and on since 1992.  Most of these were fabulous vacations with great friends. 

THEN---in May of 2001 (after I had met and fallen in love with George),  I went back to Texas (where I had lived previously for 12 yrs) to attend a wedding and to visit friends there.  I was only gone about 3 days --but was absolutely miserable.  I missed George SO much --and wanted to be with him.  I was on the phone with him 24/7 during that LONG weekend.  The wedding was nice and being with friends was great... BUT--this ole gal missed her MAN.

The hardest part happened on the last day---trying to get back home.  At the airport,  the flight was delayed... I could have cried!!!!  That was the longest day of my life --which I couldn't do anything about except sit and wait.  FINALLY,  I got on the plane and headed back to Nashville.  I was so excited that that weekend was over.  George was meeting me at the airport (it was about 11 p.m. when I finally arrived) ---but he was given some wrong information --so we couldn't find each other once I got off of the plane.  Yipes---where was this man I loved and was desperate to see??????  FINALLY---we were in each other's arms.  That LONG weekend was finally over... (Not a vacation I ever want to take again--at least without George!)

SO--tell me about your worst vacation EVER....

Have a wonderful weekend --and enjoy the mild weather (that we have now here in Tennessee).   See you on Monday!


P.S.  All images and illustrations came from the internet.