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Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Dear Blog Friends,   I am not sure what is going on with Blogger/Blogspot ---but  I have lost contact with most of you....  First of all,  I don't know about you,  but I use EMAIL as my main communication with Blogs..  I know that I'm an old woman --and that many people don't use email anymore like I still do...  I love it and it is convenient.   AND it is a great way to COMMUNICATE.

As of now,  I have the following issues/problems:
1.  I am getting NO BLOG POST EMAILS from any of the people I follow via email (about 30 of you)... (NOTE:  I am getting emails from Word Press friends, so this is a Blogger.com problem.)   When you publish a post,  I would get the announcement on my email.  I find that it is so easy to get your posts this way --and I can then click and visit those posts through my email....  Simple and convenient!!!   Now I feel as if I have lost TOTAL contact with many of you.

2. I am NOT getting your BLOG COMMENTS via email now either...  I can read the comments ONLY if I go to my blog post.   When I got them on my email ---I could easily respond to you especially if you asked a question.    I also have been keeping your blog comments in folders --so that I know who visits and who I need to visit...  This is just 'my' way of keeping up with friends... Now --this option seems to be gone.

3.  My posts are not automatically going on Google+  now like they are supposed to....   I don't use Google+ much --but do have some followers on there.    They can't get my posts IF the posts are not published on Google+.

I have been on Blogger HELP --and have presented my issues there.  Their answers have not helped at this time... I even had to go back into my settings and re-add my email, etc..  --but still no changes...  I'm not sure who else is having this problem.   I did find one other person who is having the same issues as I am..  BUT---that's it so far.

I know I haven't blogged as much as I used to (since I blogged every day for years)--but I still like to blog about once a week when possible.  AND--even when I couldn't comment on your posts,  it was easy for me to read them.    BUT--now that my communication possibilities have changed,  I truly don't know what to do...

It seems as if my only option is to add all of my email friends back on my Followers List --and then keep up with you through that list on my dashboard.   I do not keep my followers' list on my blog --and don't like doing it that way.  I also don't like Feedly and some of those options...  I felt as if I had the perfect system for me ---which is now GONE.  I am just disgusted that Blogger makes all of these changes without thinking about what it may do to us...  IF it is all about ways we communicate with each other,  why are they taking that away????    Maybe it's truly time for me to hang it all up!!!!!       (Maybe this is just an error from Blogger --and maybe they will fix it...  I'm HOPING!!!) Any suggestions or thoughts????

By the way,  I did publish a neat IRIS BLOG --which some of you had requested that I do... Nobody much as seen it yet... Check it out if you can!!!!   Thanks.

UPDATE:  Finally,  after writing this post,  I got a note from Blogger saying that they are 'tweaking' their email program --and it should be up and running sometime next week.... (We'll just have to wait and see what comes back!!!)