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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Appalachian Dialect--Part II

This is a continuation of my last blog on "Appalachian Dialect." I got so many comments and emails after writing the first one. It was just so much fun comparing the language in various areas. The following are phrases and/or words and sentences that are written using Appalachian Dialect. See how many of them you relate to!!!! I put an asterick (*) by the ones I still use sometimes--to this day!!!!

*Go GIT me some cake.
*Both pen and pin are prounounced like PIN.
*Hem sounds like him. (Let's HIM the skirt!!!!) ha
*CRACK that door. (means to open the door a little)
He lives up YANDER in that HOLLER. (yonder and hollow)
I walked in a CRICK (instead of creek).
*Is it Mondee morning yet?
Did he go a-huntin'?
I LIKE to broke my neck when I fell.
* I got chillbumps all over me. (goose bumps)
Everwho left the door open needs to close it.
* Well, I swanny!!!
He HAINT got no LARNIN'.
* Idn't that nice? (and NICE is strung out for awhile!!! ha)
A tire is a TAR and a fire is a FAR.
*If Walmart ain't got it, you don't need it!
I done went to the store.
*Who WUZ there?
*I RECKON (meaning I suppose)
A paper bag is a POKE.
*A shopping cart is a BUGGY.
*A frying pan is a SKILIT.
*Pop or soda was always called 'coke'.
*I'm PLUM lucky to know you.
*I'm gonna WARSH some clothes.
*I'm going to Warshington, DC.
I'm gonna ARN (iron).
You are RIGHT smart.
Dang, you're purty.
He explained it REAL simple.
The corn growed real good last year.
*I'm gonna buy ME a new dress.
JEAT????? (Did you eat?)
*I was FIXIN' to go to the store.
Law, I hope how soon we get some rain!
I was gettin' better but now I've took a BACKSET with this flu.
He don't scare me none. I done finished my lessons.
* Are you NECKED as a jaybird???
How many CHILLINS do you have?
How FUR is it to town?
Are you TARD tonight?
*Check the book out of the LIBERRY.
*You were SMACK DAB on target.
I live out CHEER in the woods.
Thet pore boy's an awkward size--too big for a man and not big enough for a horse.
Zeke, he come bustin' outta thar and hit it for the road quick as double-geared lightenin!

Welll---I could go on and on ---but you get the idea!!!! Such colorful language we have!!!! But there is one thing that irritates me: To hear an 'outsider' try to pronounce the word Appalachian... It is "app-uh-latch-in" (NOT "app-up-lay-shin). Do you GIT it now?????

Hope you enjoyed my posts about dialects. I'd love to hear more of your crazy words and phrases!!!! On a personal note, we had a huge thunderstorm with HAIL yesterday. The tornado sirens blared --but luckily we are fine! ALSO---following through with my love of being a southern gal, I fixed pinto beans and cornbread for dinner last night. YUM-Dilly-IOUS!!