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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Beautiful Homes in Charleston

George and I try to take a special trip most every year to celebrate our anniversary (June 23). This past year, we visited Charleston/Savannah/St. Simon's Island. We had a great time --and if you haven't visited these historical sites, we highly recommend them. BUT---don't do as we did and go in the HOT and HUMID summer!!! Yipes!!! Here are some pictures of some of the million-dollar homes in Charleston. Above is the De Saussure House on Battery Street. (We did take a carriage ride and DO recommend it --in order to hear more of the history of the area.)

The PINK house (above) is the Ravenel House on Battery Street. This house is known as the "Pink Palace." There's more pink that you can imagine!! (Diane from Wyoming: You'd love this one!!!)

Above is what they call Rainbow Row.. All of the houses (and there are many) are different colors. Pretty!!

This beauty above is my favorite. This is the Edwards House on Meeting Street. I could live there! You????

And finally, this obviously is NOT a house.. Duh!!! But--I just had to show you one of the gorgeous Crepe Myrtles that were in bloom when we were there. They were beautiful--but local folks there told us that the Azaleas in the Spring are even more beautiful!!!! Hope this makes you want to take a trip to Charleston, SC.