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Sunday, August 9, 2009

August 5th, 2009---BIG DAY

George and I are home from a busy but fun vacation to Florida. We saw new waterfalls both going and coming; we visited my brother in Jacksonville; we toured the fort in St. Augustine; AND we celebrated my 67th birthday at Ormond Beach. Today I will share with you that wonderful day this past Wednesday when this OLD woman had another birthday!!!!! Above is a picture taken that afternoon when we met Cousin Bonnie and hubby Dave for dinner at New Smyrna Beach. I "caught up" (in age) with George on that day --and now we BOTH are 67... Yipes!!! Below are more pictures from that special day.

The first thing that morning, we stood out on our balcony in our oceanfront room and saw a beautiful sunrise... Is that not amazing????? I felt as if God was smiling down on ME on my birthday.

Part of that glorious day was spent at the beach--enjoying the sand and surf.. We even got into the water (ocean) on that HOT Florida day.

George enjoys reading when we go to the beach. I enjoy sleeping --but I also enjoy 'people-watching'. The building in the background was our motel. We were on the 5th floor--so we had a great view.

Two cousins, Bonnie and me, (who share the same birthday) met for a delicious seafood dinner at Blackbeard's Inn in New Smyrna Beach. Our husbands made sure that we enjoyed that 'double' celebration!!!!!!

Bonnie and Dave took this cute picture of George and me---after Bonnie and I had accused him of putting the camera bag down in some water.. He was trying to find out what we were laughing about.... Hmmmmmmm???? What was he really saying?????? (The camera bag was NOT in water--even though it looked like it was!!!) ha ha

After that delicious dinner and wonderful company, we headed back to our motel. Once we got there, guess what we saw????? The moon was just fabulous--over that water... WOW!!!

The darker it became, the prettier the moon's reflection was. SO---can you tell what a wonderful birthday I had????? I truly felt as if the sunrise and the moon over the water was there just for ME on August 5, 2009, along with my wonderful husband who was definitely also there for me!! What can I say??? Life is GOOD!

Hope you had a great week. I look forward to catching up with your blogs this next week.